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Just hours after entering the California governor race, Larry Flynt has come face-to-face with his first political scandal — and it's a doozy! A former Larry Flynt Publications Inc., employee is suing the Hustler exec for sexual harassment, claiming she found sex toys in the company dishwasher. Elizabeth Rene Raymond says she was fired after she complained. read more


"The movie didn't work. We tried to fix it. But it was like putting a fish's tail on a donkey's head." Ben Affleck reacting to the Gigli debacle in an interview with Variety columnist Army Archerd. read more


CNN's Jack Cafferty pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a May 14 accident and was ordered to pay a $250 fine and perform 70 hours of community service. According to police, the American Morning anchor knocked a man off a bike while driving his Cadillac in New York. The bicyclist was only slightly injured. read more


Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick will reclaim their starring roles in The Producers on Broadway for three months beginning in January, the New York Post reports. Oddsmakers predict tickets for all 90 performances will be sold out by noon today. read more


Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is in talks to play the title role in the Universal thriller The Interpreter, Variety reports. She'd play a U.N. interpreter who overhears an assassination plot. read more


Canadian up-and-comer Laura Regan, who starred in last year's horror flick They, has been tapped to play U.S. Army Pvt. Jessica Lynch in NBC's upcoming TV movie Saving Jessica Lynch, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The flick is slated to air during November sweeps. read more


Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss broke down on the witness stand Tuesday as she explained to a jury how ex-fianc&#233, actor Tom Sizemore (Black Hawk Down), abused her during their relationship. In 2001, she testified, Sizemore hit her so badly they couldn't go to the premiere of his film Black Hawk Down. Sizemore has pleaded innocent to 16 misdemeanor counts of hitting, harassing and threatening Fleiss. He faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. Sizemore's attorney, Michael Fitzgerald, insists Fleiss is lying. read more


On the Today show Tuesday morning, NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol confirmed that he shelled out $50,000 at a charity auction Monday to learn who Carly Simon was singing about in her 1972 hit, "You're So Vain." In related news, rumor has it newly bankrupt boxer Mike Tyson wants to reveal to the highest bidder what he was thinking when he married Robin Givens. read more

Former GH Star Speaks to God

In the new CBS drama Joan of Arcadia, Amber Tamblyn might have her hands full playing a suburban teen who starts receiving orders directly from God. Then again, this 20-year-old soap vet knows a thing or two about burdensome childhoods. During her tenure as Emily Quartermain on General Hospital from 1995-2001, the actress admits she sometimes longed for a carefree adolescence.

"I wanted to be a normal kid that went to school and got to go to birthday parties," Tamblyn says. "It's really hard when you're 12 years old, working five days a week, doing 22 scenes a day... I didn't think I fully understood what [acting] took away from your life until I started doing it on a soap opera."

Amber and Joan share another characteristic: parents who want to protect their daughters from having to grow up too fast. Actor read more


Ruben Studdard's sweat glands are about to get another major workout. The owners of clothing maker 205 Flava Inc. claim they secretly paid the velvet teddy bear $10,000 to wear the company's 205 jerseys on American Idol — a violation of show rules. The accusation came in response to a lawsuit filed by Studdard last week in which he accused Flava owners Willie and Frederick Jenkins of wrongly profiting from his image. At a press conference Monday, lawyers for the pair showed copies of $10,000 in checks made out to Studdard's brother, Kevin Studdard, and his manager, Ron Edwards. Studdard refused comment, but his lawyer, Byron Perkins, told The Associated Press that "the public will hear from us soon." read more

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