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Rob Campos is now an unemployed loser. The star of NBC's For Love or Money — whose sexual misconduct during his tenure as a marine came to light earlier this week — has been fired by the Texas law firm where he'd been employed for 18 months, reports. On his firm's web page, owner Sanjay Mathur said Campos's checkered military past as well as "his conduct during the second episode of the TV show," has lead Mathur to "disassociate our relationship with Mr. Campos." NBC, which claims it was unaware of Campos's sketchy past when they cast him, has decided to continue airing the show. read more


Titanic star Kate Winslet married filmmaker Sam Mendes (American Beauty) late last month in a small Caribbean ceremony. How small, you ask? The only folks in attendance were Winslet's 2-year-old daughter Mia and three close friends. That's hardly enough people to form a decent conga line. read more


Is Ruben Studdard already shunning his roots? The American Idol champ says he's ditching his trademark 205 jerseys — effective immediately. (The 205 referred to the area code from his hometown of Birmingham.) Studdard told The Birmingham News that "a combination of things" led him to decide not to wear the shirts made by 205 Flava Inc. "I will always represent the area 205," he said, "but 205 Flava is not indicative of what I am about." Translation: Steven Cojocaru finally got through to him. read more

Mark Valley: Keen on London

Keen Eddie star Mark Valley, 38, can relate to his character's culture shock as an NYPD cop living in London. However, unlike Det. Eddie Arlette, this easy-going Pasadena and Days of Our Lives alum's future doesn't hinge on his job across the pond. Here, Valley talks to TV Guide Online about headlining his very own TV series, those lovely British birds and his real passion...

TV Guide Online: "Fish-out-of-water" is a term often used to describe your character. When you were shooting Eddie in London, did you feel the same way?
Mark Valley:
Yeah, I did, sort of. I can't figure out these English women. They're strikingly good looking, and they're much cheaper dates. They'll go out and have a beer with you.

TVGO: Were there cultural differences that read more


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Four DVD arrives in stores today, and series creator Joss Whedon warns fans that the six-disc set features more commentary than usual. "Apparently, I never shut up," he laughs, "which I know because both 'Hush' and 'Restless' — which are two of my favorite episodes — are in it." read more


Madonna, Britney Spears, and Nelly are among the entertainers signed up to roast Carson Daly at the first ever MTV Bash, a comedy/concert taping June 28 and airing July 13. I'll watch under one condition: if Tara Reid gets a turn at the mike. read more


Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks and Drew Carey will lend their voices to Robots, 20th Century Fox's latest computer-animated feature that will arrive in theaters in 2005. Produced by the team behind Ice Age, Robots revolves around a young genius who wants his robots to make the world a better place. read more


Longtime GQ editor Art Cooper died Monday, four days after suffering a massive stroke. He was 65... Beginning Monday, CNN's Lou Dobbs Moneyline will be rechristened Lou Dobbs Tonight to better reflect the show's broader focus... A&E has inked a deal to air eight Agatha Christie crime stories. The first one, Five Little Pigs, begins filming next month and stars English thesp David Suchet as Belgian detective Hercule Poirot... NBC is extending the Access Hollywood brand to include a special tween edition, a game show and regular segments on CNBC. read more


Fox has ordered six episodes of Soundmix, a reality show in which everyday people are transformed into pop stars. It's based on the hit UK series Stars in Their Eyes. Cable network FX, meanwhile, has made a six-episode commitment to The People's Champions, a series in which normal folks make up their own crazy records and then break them. Finally, NBC is playing The Odds, a game show where contestants compete against experts in certain fields, like racecar driving and martial arts. read more


Here's an offer HBO can't refuse: Sopranos creator David Chase wants to extend the mob drama's upcoming fifth (and possibly final) season beyond the standard 13-episode cycle. "I'd planned out an arc for Season Five that would have ended the show," Chase tells the New York Daily News. "But as we're getting into it, we're finding there's a lot more material. We could cram it into 13 episodes, but I don't know that's the right thing to do." Now for the bad news: The show's new season may not kick off until March 2004. Bummer. read more

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