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Question: Who played the ...

Question: Who played the character of Danny McGregor in the first season of The District?

Televisionary: The late detective was played by David O'Hara, whom you may have seen in the small-screen western Crossfire Trail or in big-screen works such as Made, Oliver Twist and The Devil's Own.

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Frasier star David Hyde Pierce is all but confirming that next season will be the last for his long-running NBC comedy. "I think the indications are that it's going to end after this coming season," the Emmy winner says. "That's sort of what we've been told. We shoot one more season and that would be it... We want it to go out classy." Um, it's a little late for that. read more

Question: What is the name of ...

Question: What is the name of the young co-host replaced by Lisa Ling on the show The View? — C. Johnson, Waco, Tex.

Televisionary: Funny you should ask that on this site. That was Debbie Matenopoulos, who you can find on our own TV Guide Channel.

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Question: I vaguely remember ...

Question: I vaguely remember the '70s show J.J. &#038 the Governor from my childhood. Can you tell me anything about it? — Susan, Savage, Minn.

Televisionary: Well, I can tell you it was actually called The Governor and J.J. despite the fact that Julie Sommars who played gubernatorial daughter Jennifer Jo "J.J." Drinkwater was cast first and was a key factor in choosing co-star Dan Dailey as her dad, Gov. William Drinkwater. I can also tell you that the comedy, which ran on CBS from September 1969 to December 1970 (and then again in reruns in the summer of '72), took place in an unnamed midwestern state. (Oh, and I can tell you to go read more

Question: John Michael Bolger ...

Question: John Michael Bolger plays Lt. Johnson on Third Watch, but didn't he star in another NBC series about the New York E.S.U. called, I think, True Blue? 1991 to 1993 — somewhere in there? — Lou R., Fairfield, Cal.

Televisionary: That he did, Lou. The short-lived True Blue was on NBC from December 1989 to April 1990.

Bolger belonged to the Emergency Services Unit, which was also populated by castmates such as Nestor Serrano, Ally Walker, Darnell Williams, Eddie Velez, read more


Coming to a video store near you this holiday season: a certain archeologist-adventurer named Indiana freakin' Jones!! On Nov. 4, Paramount Home Entertainment will finally release the entire Indiana Jones trilogy — including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade — as part of a special four-disc DVD set. Among the extras being offered are new interviews with Harrison Ford, producer George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg. read more

Question: I don't know if you ...

Question: I don't know if you get into this kind of detail, but here goes. What breed was Dreyfuss, the dog from Empty Nest? Thank you. — Brian B., Oakes, N.D.

Televisionary: As far as I can divine, Dreyfuss, the dog who served as a best pal to widower pediatrician Dr. Harry Weston (Soap's Richard Mulligan) during the show's 1988-95 run on NBC, was a mix of Saint Bernard and golden retriever, Brian. But as far as co-star Dinah Manoff, who played one of Weston's daughters, was concerned, breed didn't matter. All that counted was that the big, lovable pooch upstaged her read more

Question: What is the name of ...

Question: What is the name of the song played in The Sopranos's second-season episode "Full Leather Jacket" as the two young guys are giving Furio a cut of their money? My friends and I have been trying to find out for months without any joy! Help!

Televisionary: You want joy? I bring you joy. That was 2nd II None's "Up 'N Da Club."

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Long Island's most infamous lovebirds are splitting up. Joey Buttafuoco confirmed Monday that he and wife Mary Jo are divorcing after 26 years of marriage. "It's okay. To move on you've got to get a divorce," Buttafuoco told The Associated Press. "She's with another guy. His name is Stew. I've been with a girl for awhile, too." This doesn't really qualify as entertainment news, but his quote was just too priceless to resist. read more


How's this for ironic: Will Truman is finally getting some action, and it's on the big screen! Will & Grace star Eric McCormack has signed on to write, direct and star in the Disney romantic comedy What You Wish For. "It's about a normal married Midwestern couple whose marriage is turned upside down because of a celebrity sex fantasy," McCormack tells Variety. "The idea is, no matter how happy a person is with his partner, there's that one hot actress or athlete you'd allow them to sleep with, knowing it would never happen. Here, it happens." read more

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