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The creators of Will & Grace are suing NBC, claiming the network failed to negotiate a fair license fee for the show, thus cheating them out of their fair share of the show's earnings. David Kohan and Jason "Max" Mutchnick — who also helm NBC's Good Morning Miami — argue that the sitcom's value was deliberately undervalued because Will & Grace is produced by the network's sister company, NBC Studios. "NBC in fact effectively sat on and controlled both sides of the 'bargaining' table," the duo said. The Peacock isn't commenting, but Jack McFarland had this to say: "Ohmygawd am I on TV Guide Online?!" read more

Tru CallingI learned a valuable...

Tru Calling I learned a valuable lesson tonight. You don't need to miss Friends or the first half hour of Survivor to keep up with this supernatural drama. Wisely anticipating that NBC viewers will abandon anything new in the 8:30 slot, Fox execs provide the audience with a midshow recap. A quick little "Earlier on..." montage of clips takes 30 seconds to catch you up on the 30 minutes of the show you may have missed watching something better — I mean else.

Survivor I must be going through Friends withdrawal, because the whole time the castaways were trying to assemble sticks long and strong enough to fetch their keys to get out of their cages during the Reward Challenge, all I could think of was the poking device the gang fashioned out of chopsticks to wake up the feared-dead Ugly Naked Guy.

JC Penney commercial Although I have potato, tomato, either and neither straight, this ad compels me to pose a question read more


Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger was knighted today at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles stood in for his mum, Queen Elizabeth, who was getting her teeth bleached. Or was she having knee surgery? I can't keep track. read more


Filmmaker Blake Edwards, the director behind The Pink Panther and Breakfast at Tiffany's, will be honored with an honorary Oscar at the Feb. 29 Academy Awards. read more


Ozzy Osbourne stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating for more than a minute following Monday's all-terrain vehicle mishap, according to wife Sharon. "He had stopped breathing for a minute and a half and there was no pulse," she told London's Daily Mirror. "But thank God, the security guard was there to revive him... and [get] him breathing and his pulse going again." Ozzy — who fractured his left collarbone, eight ribs and a neck vertebra in the accident — is expected to make a "steady" recovery. read more


Columbia Pictures is debuting the Spider-Man 2 trailer on — appropriately enough — the Web. Fans can catch the preview beginning this Monday at 12:01 am/ET on Yahoo! read more


Ejected American Idol contestant Frenchie Davis has nabbed the lead role in the road-show revival of Dreamgirls. The musical is slated to play in San Jose from Jan. 9-25, Sacramento from Jan. 27-Feb. 8 and Seattle from Feb. 11-29. "There are a lot of people who were on American Idol," Davis told The Associated Press. "But not all of them are getting lead roles." Did girlfriend just take a swipe at Paula Abdul? I think she did. read more


Michael Norwood, the co-host of History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives, died last Saturday while on assignment in the Phillipines. He was 36. According to reports, Norwood ran out of oxygen during a diving expedition. read more


In what could be a harbinger of next year's Billboard Music Awards, Alicia Keys's new CD, The Diary of Alicia Keys, debuted at No. 1 on the album charts with sales of 618,000 units. It was the third-biggest bow of 2003. read more


CSI's William Petersen has inked a deal to produce and star in a TNT original movie based on the James Ellroy bestseller Clandestine, Variety reports. The story centers on a 1950s Los Angeles-based cop (Petersen) on the trail of a serial killer. read more

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