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Fans of Angel leading lady Charisma Carpenter will want to check out today's Insider, in which exec producer Joss Whedon comes clean about the fate of her comatose alter ego. Here's a hint: The news pretty much bites. read more

Question: I would like to ...

Question: I would like to know what happened to Tremors, the series on the Sci-Fi Channel. Are they ever going to bring it back? Right now they are showing Stargate SG-1 in the time slot. — Kim V., Warren, Mich.

Televisionary: The good news is that new episodes of Tremors: The Series return on June 20 at 8 pm/ET, Kim. However, beyond that the show's future remains up in the air. The network has aired about half of the 13 Tremors episodes produced, but has made no decision on whether or not more will be on the way, a spokeswoman tells me.

read more

Question: I've got a question ...

Question: I've got a question that will set you up for a dirty joke, I'm sure, but when I was a kid I swear I had a Partridge Family love kit. I'm sure it got thrown out years ago, but no one else I know has ever heard of such a thing. Did I imagine it? — Lisa M., Newberry, S.C.

Televisionary: Dirty joke? This is a family column, Lisa. I don't work blue — what do you think I am? (As the old gag says: Don't answer that.)

No, you didn't imagine it. After the hit sitcom launched on ABC in September 1970, a wave of Partridge merchandise hit the American public, which bought it all and asked for more. A good portion of that wave was based on teen heartthrob David Cassidy (Keith), and it included a two-dollar "David Cassidy Love Kit." Those who bought said kit were the proud owners of "a life-size, full-length portrait; an a read more


Mickey Mouse is so totally over Lizzie McGuire. The Walt Disney Co. and Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff have parted ways after talks over the direction of Duff's career broke down. The actress reportedly wanted to move beyond the tween icon. (Cue the inevitable Stuff cover.) The split rules out a sequel to the recently-released Lizzie McGuire Movie, and a rep for the Disney Channel says there are no plans to produce new episodes of the TV show. read more

Question: I was wondering ...

Question: I was wondering when Angels in America will appear on television. It seems like a racy play for network television, especially with strong homosexual issues that make Will &#038 Grace look like Pillow Talk. — Sean, Burke, Va.

Televisionary: It is indeed a racy play for network TV — too racy, in fact, which is why it'll be on HBO when it debuts in December. A six-hour miniseries adapted by Tony Kushner from his acclaimed play, it's directed by Mike Nichols and stars Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, read more

Question: On this week's ...

Question: On this week's season finale of CSI: Miami one of the escaped prisoners (the child molester) looked so familiar. I think he was on a sitcom but for the life of me I can't remember where I've seen him before. Please help! — K.M., Hamden, Conn.

Televisionary: Actor William O'Leary may have played a murderous child molester on the May 19 episode of CBS's hit crime drama (a role he first tackled for the show last Oct. in the "Broken" episode), but he did some much lighter guest-acting as Marty Taylor, Tim's youngest brother on Home Improvement, from 1994-99. You may also have caught him in guest appearances on series like Dear John, Miracles NYPD Blue, Matlock or read more

Question: My husband insists ...

Question: My husband insists that racing celebrity Tommy Ivo appeared on an episode of Leave it to Beaver as a child, but we've never been able to spot him. Any help with this one, oh, wise and wonderful visionary? — Mary S., Ellijay, Ga.

Televisionary: But of course, oh, good-with-the-kissing-up Mary.

Hubby's correct. Ivo, the famed drag racer, first appeared in the Oct. 3, 1959 Beaver episode, "Blind Date Committee," in which Wally headed up (what else?) the blind date committee for a school dance and ended up trying to land a companion for a new girl in town. He played the same character, Duke Hathaway, in the June 11, 1960 episode, "Wally's Play." (See our Beaver ShowGuide page for info on that and all other episodes.)

And actually, Ivo had quite a show-biz career going in a read more

Question: What was the name ...

Question: What was the name of the TV show in the '80s that C. Thomas Howell was in? It was a drama with two different families. It is killing me! Please help. — A.K., Walnut Creek, Cal.

Televisionary: Oh, come now, A.K. — killing you? Usually that's caused by remembering most of the Howell oeuvre, not forgetting it.

Anyway, you're thinking of Two Marriages, a drama that ran on ABC from August 1983 to the following April. It focused on two families in the Iowa suburbs: the Daleys, Jim (Tom Mason) and Ann (Karen Carlson), and the Armstrongs, Art (Michael Murphy) and Nancy (read more

Spoiler Alert! Cliffhanger Mysteries Resolved!

Attention: The following story contains answers to some of the just-concluded television season's biggest questions. No kidding, we're talking about major spoilage here, folks. So, if you would prefer to spend the summer agonizing over the fates of Presidents Palmer and Bartlet, then read no further. However, if the idea of waiting 'til fall for news about Sydney's two-year-long nap and Rory's disappearing beaus has you popping Xanax at the same rate you do Tic-Tacs, then we're more than happy to help simmer you the heck down. But please, don't say we didn't warn you. Because we did. Numerous times.

24: Mad bomber Mandy (Mia Kirshner) — one of the few, surviving evildoers from Season One — resurfaced in the final scene to poison President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) with a biotoxic handshake! Is the commander-in-chief DOA? Fox isn't squealing, but according to Bill Martel, an expert in weapons of mass destruction read more

Buffy Postmortem: Is Spike Dead?

As far as series finales go, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's was a doozy. We laughed, we cried, we hurled large objects at the TV in utter despair. But darnit if the show's creator, Joss Whedon, didn't leave us wanting more... closure, that is. For example, why of all the Scoobies did Anya (Emma Caulfield) have to die? And what's the deal with Spike (James Marsters), who bit the dust just days after making a date with Angel this fall? For answers to those questions and more, read on...

TV Guide Online: I have a bone to pick with you: When last we spoke, you claimed that "no decision" had been made about bringing Spike over to Angel next season. Then, days later, the WB announced that, well, Spike would be making his way to Angel next season. Why did you lie to me, man?
Joss Whedon:
It wasn't until the last minute that it was actually d read more

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