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Fox is developing a straight version of Bravo's addictive gay dating romp Boy Meets Boy. According to Variety, the network is producing a reality show in which a single gal attempts to make a love connection by choosing from a pool of single men — some of whom are gay. However, unlike on Boy Meets Boy, the bachelorette will be informed of the twist prior to production. In other words, expect the phrase "everything changes" to be used less frequently. read more


This has been a really bad week for onetime sitcom queen Roseanne Barr. As expected, ABC has pulled the plug on The Real Roseanne Show after just two weeks on the air. The news follows ABC Family's decision to cancel The Domestic Goddess Hour, the cooking show that served as the inspiration for Real Roseanne. And to top it all of? Barr is scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy today. When it rains, it hails. read more


Marc Anthony and wife Dayanara Muniz celebrated the birth of their second child over the weekend. Ryan Anthony Muniz was born Saturday at North Shore University Hospital in Long Island, N.Y. read more


Production on the new season of CBS's Everybody Loves Raymond finally got underway Tuesday following the return of co-stars Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle, both of whom called in sick Monday. Also, rumors are swirling that the contract squabble between CBS and Brad Garrett may be nearing a resolution. Garrett — who was already written out of the show's season premiere — is refusing to report to the set unless he gets a raise. Meanwhile, Ray Romano is breaking his silence about the behind-the-scenes turmoil that has rocked his sitcom. "We're a family — everybody's coming back," he told Entertainment Tonight, adding, "I talked to Brad... and this is all a part of the business. We want him back as soon as he can get back and, you know, we want everything back to normal and I'm sure it will be." read more


A Fox spokesman is denying rumors that its new fall drama Tru Calling, starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Eliza Dushku, is being delayed to midseason. "[The rumors] are untrue," the rep tells TV Guide Online. read more


Actor Gary Cole — aka Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch films — has been elected the new vice president on NBC's The West Wing. He'll make his debut in this season's third episode. read more


Actor Gary Cole — aka Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch films — has been elected the new Vice President on NBC's The West Wing. He'll make his debut in this season's third episode. read more

Shania Twain Revs Up for Special

Shania Twain capitalizes on her ongoing identity crisis in her new CD Up!, a double-disc set that features the same 19 songs done performed in both country and pop styles. However, fans shouldn't expect such double standards on tonight's NBC concert special Shania Up! Live in Chicago (8 pm ET).

"I have a large band, there are nine musicians, and in a sense we sort of do a mix," Twain tells TV Guide Online. "I have three fiddle players, so even though during one song we are [performing] more on the side of the [pop] version, we'll still have the fiddles playing the part that was played on the [country] version and vice versa.

"So, the live versions in a lot of cases are [unique]," continues the 37-year-old songstress. "It is kind of interesting. I sort of treat 'live' like it's own beast in a way. It's a completely separate entity."

And it's one Twain will embrace in a big way again beginning Sept. 25, when the singer kicks off her read more

Case Worker Deems Cold Uncommon

Being cast in a TV series is a big deal for any Hollywood hopeful, but being cast in a TV series by überproducer Jerry Bruckheimer? That's like winning the lottery while sipping Dom Perignon on the way to the Oscars. So, naturally, Cold Case detective Kathryn Morris couldn't think too much about her good fortune; otherwise, she just might have dropped dead from excitement herself!

"In my career, I've tried to just think about what I would like to do with my day," she says simply. "Fortunately, I've had some amazing opportunities to work with some of the best people in the business, and [in this instance], I thought it was more important that I focus on what I wanted to do for the next one-to-10 years of my life as an actress and try to forget that Jerry did read more

Like Nip/Tuck? Thank Jenny Jones!

It's virtually inconceivable to think that fans of FX's daring and, ahem, incisive new plastic-surgery drama, Nip/Tuck (airing Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET), owe a debt to sleaze queen Jenny Jones. But, series creator Ryan Murphy assures us, it's true. "I've always been incredibly drawn to before-and-after stories," confesses the exec, who also produced the WB's high-school comedy, Popular. "I'm the first person to watch any Oprah or Jenny Jones where there is a makeover.

"I love that stuff," he adds with a chuckle.

Of course, Murphy would never call the cringe-inducing operations performed on Nip/Tuck a laughing matter the way he has the high jinks on his former series. "In Popular, I [addressed the issue of self image] in a much more blithe way," he suggests. (No kidding — one character carried around a container of e read more

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