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Eighties rocker Robert Palmer, whose hits included "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible," died Friday in Paris of a heart attack. He was 54. Palmer is likely best remembered for his iconic "Addicted to Love" video, which featured a bevy of lookalike models strumming guitars in the background. It became one of MTV's most popular videos of all time. Palmer later teamed with members of Duran Duran to form the "super group" known as Power Station. read more


Saturday Night Live will kick off its 29th season Oct. 4 with two new cast members, a new opening sequence and a brand new set. According to Variety, actor Kenan Thompson (All That, Felicity) and comic Finesse Mitchell will be coming on board as featured players. Jack Black hosts the season premiere with musical guest John Mayer. read more

Friends We waited all summer for...

We waited all summer for this. The first episode of the final season, the beginning of the end in 45 glorious minutes. So why are Joey and Rachel wasting so much precious (Precious!) time trying to break their news to Ross? Phoebe dumped Mike's girlfriend for him in a nanosecond, probably because she comprehends that there are only 17 more episodes left. Hopefully the unraveling of Monica's cornrows will not extend into the holidays. Although it could make for a "very special episode..."

Survivor: Pearl Islands
Yo-ho-hum. Drake wins both challenges and takes Morgan's tarp as their reward. And all the while we're led to believe that cry-baby Osten is going to be the next ouster, and then, of course, they vote off Skinny Ryan. Don't get too comfortable, Lil. As a scout, I'm sure you're aware that trapped animals chew off their own limbs.

Kill Bill Commercial
Oh, look. It's Crouching read more


West Wing fans are giving NBC's troubled political drama a second chance. Wednesday's season premiere attracted 18.1 million viewers and improved 32 percent over last May's finale among adults 18-49. ABC's latest Bachelor also got off to a strong start with 12.4 million viewers. read more


King of Queens star Kevin James announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Steffiana De La Cruz on Wednesday's Live with Regis and Kelly. The couple have yet to set a wedding date. read more


Two-faced New York investment banker (is that redundant?) Jun was crowned the winner on Big Brother 4 last night. She wins $500,000 and the grudging admiration of her former cellmates. Meanwhile, Nathan wins the title of Chump of the Year for handing runner-up Alison her sole vote. What a lame-o. read more

Will &#038 Grace: Changes Ahead

Remember that NBC show called Will &#038 Grace? Last season, it was more like Leo &#038 Grace... and Oh Yeah, Will. The show needed a bit of shake up last year, executive producers Jeff Greenstein and Jhoni Marchenko tell TV Guide Online. (We agree. It was getting sort of shrill.) "Getting Grace (Debra Messing) married was a big risk," admits Marchenko, while defending the "conflict and good stories" it generated. And "fans like the effect it's had on Grace," adds Greenstein. "She's more together, less neurotic, more of a woman."

While that heterosexual marriage will survive — at least until November sweeps — the producers know the show's fans (including us) miss the love that used to scream its name between Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace. "One of the things we'll be doing over the initial dozen episodes is that Will and Grace will find themselves enmeshed in each other's lives a lot more," Greenstein promises read more


David Schwimmer's company Dark Harbors Prods. is developing a fall 2004 sitcom based on Bruce Cameron's upcoming book How to Remodel a Man. According to Variety, Man will focus on a divorced young man who relies on the women in his life to help him re-examine his relationships. read more


Turns out, folks in South Bend, Ind., and Salt Lake City will get to see tonight's premiere of NBC's racy new comedy Coupling after all. Last week, the two Peacock affiliates announced their decision not to air the show on the grounds that it pushes the "boundaries of our community's standards." Apparently, viewers there have a no-tolerance policy for sitcoms that suck real bad.) However, NBC has since found alternate stations to air the show until its inevitable cancellation. read more

Survivor's Devil in a Blue Dress

She's the first Survivor: Pearl Islands castoff, so it's unlikely folks will remember the name Nicole Delma a year from now. However, it's hard to forget the evening wear she was sportin' when forced to jump overboard. Not since the Monica Lewinsky scandal has a blue dress made such a splash! Especially since the 25-year-old Californian masseuse admitted to wearing absolutely nothing underneath it.

"I think the blue dress is a bit of a regret," Delma tells TV Guide Online. "Although it is going up on eBay, so maybe not."

It was a surprise to everyone that the Survivors were forced to walk the plank with only the clothes on their backs. But why did Delma opt to go braless that day? "I couldn't get the dress zipped," she admits. "I had gorged myself a couple of days before, because I knew I wasn't going to be eating. So when it came time to put on that size two dress, it just wouldn't zip up [with a bra on].

"I was just hoping an read more

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