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Fans of really crappy music will wanna catch tonight's Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, which features a musical performance from former Bachelor star Bob Guiney. The kissing cad and his band will sing "Girlfriend" off his debut album, 3 Sides. read more


FX is teaming up with NASCAR for a reality series that goes behind the scenes with racing stars, Variety reports. Tentatively titled NASCAR: Drivers Unscripted, the show would premiere in May and feature such A-list drivers as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Jeremy Mayfield, Jamie McMurray, Casey Mears and Tony Raines. read more


Paris Hilton is in talks to host the Miss USA Pageant, which airs April 12 on NBC. And to prove that she hasn't forgotten the little people back in Altus, the Simple Life star allegedly is trying to get Chops a gig as a seat-filler. read more

That '70s Show Coming from an...

That '70s Show
Coming from an Abbott & Costello family, I must say, The Three Stooges spoof wasn't bad. Though I never saw the funny in pulling someone's nose or throwing pies, Kelso and the guys had me laughing. And I love how they got in trouble for breaking into the Police Academy, but not for smoking up in the drug-raid evidence room. Sort of makes me wish I had been a teen in the 1970s. The biggest buzz I got back then was double-dosing on Flintstones chewable vitamins.

American Idol
Yikes! Out of like, a gazillion auditions, this is the best 87? The guys can barely manage Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and the girls are all playing Twister with the high notes like Mariah Carey on a Red Bull bender. Even Paula couldn't help but take a few swipes. Looks like her copy of Insults for Pop Stars Who read more


NBC has been touting Friday's wedding-themed Ed as the show's "final" episode — and for once it seems the Peacock's promo department is telling it like it is. "It's been a terrific run, but the odds are this is its final season," NBC entertainment president Jeff Zucker tells TV Guide Online. Although Zucker adds there's a small chance the 4-year-old dramedy could return next season — "We're going to leave ourselves a little flexibility for when we put the schedule together in May" — he confirms that the show's actors have been given the green light to pursue other work. Translation: Fork. Stick. Done. read more

Survivor's Tina: ''I Don't Hate Jerri!''

Survivor: The Australian Outback champ Tina Wesson may have outlasted the competition Down Under, but her big victory proved an even bigger handicap on Survivor: All-Stars. The 42-year-old mother of two was the first to have her torch snuffed Sunday night.

"It is one of those things where if I was there one day or the full 39, I was going to get the most out of it," Wesson tells TV Guide Online. "I had a great time. Of course, I wish it was longer. But as soon as I was asked [to participate], I was like, 'I'm going to have this big target on me, but if you are willing to pay for a trip to Panama, I'm in.'

"When I saw who was on my team I went, 'Oh, boy, I am in trouble,'" she continues. "I knew immediately that I would be the first to go."

But contrary to Jerri's assertion in the premiere, Wesson was not upset to find the Outback vamp among her All-Star tribe mates. "I do n read more


Citing irreconcilable differences, Grammy-winning songstress Natalie Cole has filed for divorce from hubby Kenneth Dupree after two years of marriage. This was Cole's third marriage. read more


Heather Locklear has signed on to star in an NBC drama pilot set behind-the-scenes of a major U.S. airport. Boomtown's Neal McDonough, meanwhile, is headed back to the Peacock with a leading role in the network's untitled medical mystery pilot. read more

Ashton's Punk'd Secret Revealed!

When Punk'd prankster Ashton Kutcher made his That '70s Show cast mate, Wilmer Valderrama, think that his new hot rod had been totalled, we thought he was ruthless. But, it turns out, he was merely righteous! "The reason that happened," the Butterfly Effect leading man explains, "is because I got to work [at the Fox hitcom] one day, and these two clowns [Valderrama and Topher Grace] had stolen all my furniture out of my dressing room and hid it in the closets.

"I called up security," he continues, "and had them come. We were going to call the cops [before the jig was up]. So [slaughtering what appeared to be Valderrama's car] was just payback."

Despite the no-holds-barred trickery behind the scenes of That '70s Show, Kutcher insists that he isn't out to one-up his costars professionally. The idea that, as Demi Moore's high-profile steady and Hollywood's newest matinee idol, he has somehow moved beyond the sco read more


The History Channel is coming under fire for a documentary it aired in November that implicates President Lyndon Johnson in the assasination of JFK. Critics of The Guilty Men — which include MPAA president Jack Valenti, LBJ's widow, Lady Bird, and former presidents Ford and Carter — are demanding that The History Channel investigate the film's accusations and air a rebuttal. "I thought it was [as] obscene as you can get," Valenti, a former special assistant to Johnson, vented to the New York Post. "It was so riddled with surmise." read more

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