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Hotel heiress-turned-sex tape siren Paris Hilton will do damage control on Late Show with David Letterman next Wednesday. And by damage control, I mean she'll do lots of giggling. read more


Fox is considering a plan to resume production on Family Guy, the wildly popular animated comedy the network axed 18 months ago. According to USA Today, as many as 35 new episodes could return in early 2005. Since the show got the ax, millions of new fans have discovered Family on DVD and in reruns on the Cartoon Network. read more

All of Us I have a confession...

All of Us
I have a confession to make: I've never watched this UPN sitcom, feeling annoyed that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have their names emblazoned across its promotional billboards — they're the executive producers, but aren't really in the show. Also, I already watch The Parkers (Mo'Nique rules!) and, no disrespect, but this busy boy only has so much TV time to devote to UPN. That said, I broke down and tuned in to see Will guest star. And it was educational for me, as a Caucasian, to catch this All of Us episode. I learned that an Old School party is where you dress up all ghettolicious (circa 1986) and goof around, listening to pre-Fabolous rappers from back in the day. I also learned where the heck my girl Debi Mazar's been hidin' herself! Oh, and I learned this show's cast is actually pretty funny and likeable, even if the Smiths aren't series regulars. I'm likin' that sassy ex-wife, Nees read more


Oscar-nominated composer, conductor and arranger Michael Kamen, best known for scoring action films such as Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, died Tuesday after suffering from multiple sclerosis for several years. He was 55. read more


PETA has delayed a new ad campaign mocking Clay Aiken while it waits to see if the American Idol runner-up will apologize for dissing cats in Rolling Stone. The ad features Triumph the Insult Comic dog alongside the slogan, "Get Neutered, It Didn't Hurt Clay Aiken." read more

Beautiful Mind Stars Reunite

Are we having deja vu? In Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Paul Bettany plays a British Navy doctor who also serves as confidante to the ship's captain, Russell Crowe. Of course, he also played Crowe's imaginary best friend in A Beautiful Mind. How did he feel about acting opposite Crowe again?

"Working with somebody twice is either a nightmare or it is fantastic, depending if you get on with them or not," Bettany says. "Russell and I really get on with each other. And it is a joy, because you hit the ground running. You both trust each other, and you both understand that neither of you have got particularly fragile egos, and you can be frank with each other.

"Hopefully, you get somewhere interesting quicker," the 32-year-old Brit adds. "Instead of pussyfooting around, saying, 'I wonder if your character wou read more

Survivor's Rhino Bears Rejection

Ryan "Rhino" Opray, the laid-back, but hard-working, electrician from Los Gatos, Calif., scrambled to save himself in last week's Survivor: Pearl Islands. After losing his best friend and closest ally, Andrew Savage, the 31-year-old got the snuff and became the first jury member. As a self-proclaimed "big-time fan" of Survivor, Opray says he was just thrilled to get a chance to compete in the game.

"For me, it was the challenge [and] the adventure," Opray tells TV Guide Online. "It wasn't even about the money, or being famous or anything. It was just something I wanted to do ever since I watched the first show."

Even the game's abrupt "On your marks, get set, disrobe!" start was exciting to Opray. "I thought that was fun," he says. "I was ready to go. Let's do it, let's go overboard. I hit the rail and jumped off the side of the boat."

But the show's biggest twist — giving the read more


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has tapped Michael Douglas to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Jan. 25 Golden Globe Awards for his "outstanding contribution" to the entertainment field — save for that whole It Runs in the Family debacle read more


Showtime isn't waiting until '04 to broadcast The Reagans, the controversial telepic that CBS chickened out of airing. The network announced Monday that the made-for-TV movie will run Nov. 30 at 8 pm/ET. read more


Pop star Meat Loaf is being treated for exhaustion at a London hospital after collapsing on stage during a concert Monday. A second concert scheduled for tonight at London's Wembley Arena has been postponed. read more

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