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Sunday: The NFL on Fox Terry Bradshaw,...

Sunday: The NFL on Fox
Terry Bradshaw, James "JB" Brown, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson returned to their pre-game bickerfest Sunday with their easy-going chemistry still going strong. But seriously, how much crap do you need to plaster on-screen at once? It looked like a parody of Headline News, with seven team logos, two news tickers (one updating the weather), the Ford logo, the show's logo and an over-the-shoulder graphic. And I think I saw a recipe for pecan pie there, too.

Also, if they're going to have non-football celebrities on like Kiefer Sutherland, can they give him a chance to say more than literally three sentences instead of talking over him about Bradshaw's big feet? (Not worth explaining.)

The Ellen DeGeneres segment was pleasant enough. (I'm sure she was just thrilled that they included old footage of her and ex-girlfriend Anne Heche kissin read more

O.C. Papa Does Preach

Sandy Cohen, the public defender Peter Gallagher plays on The O.C., may seem like the squeakiest-clean father figure since Stephen Collins suited up to play Reverend Camden on 7th Heaven. But the sex, lies and videotape bad boy insists that although his character wears a halo, it's plenty tarnished.

"I don't think Sandy wakes up in the morning and decides to be a do-gooder," he says. Rather, "I think he comes from a long tradition in New York and certainly in the Bronx of pink-diaper babies who have a healthy mistrust of the government and the police."

As such, Sandy's taking-in of jail-bait teen Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) isn't so much the attorney acting out of heroism, but out of habit. "The mistake of Sandy's life — or the most illuminating thing he does — is respond instinctively at a moment [after meeting Ryan's mother] when he sees that this kid who has great potential has no chance... no future. read more


Film star Djimon Hounsou (Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Amistad) has been cast as the new baddie on Alias this season. According to Variety, Hounsou will play the head of an evil new criminal organization that Sydney will attempt to take down. read more


Mark Wahlberg and girlfriend Rhea Durham became the proud parents of baby girl Ella Rae on Tuesday. This is the couple's first child... Robin Hibbard, a 23-year-old castmember of MTV's upcoming San Diego-set Real World, was arrested Tuesday for assaulting a Marine in a nightclub while shooting an episode of the series, according to In anticipation of Emmy night on Sept. 21, TV Land is airing Emmy trivia specials all this month. read more


Billy Bob Thornton erased his Angelina tattoo from his left forearm and replaced it with an angel and the word "Peace" — although the actor-singer insists he didn't do it to diss his ex. "It's like, basically, my way of saying, 'No hard feelings,'" he tells AP Radio. Earlier this year, Jolie also had her ex's name erased from her arm — so now they're even. read more

Charlize Theron's Girlish Memories

When she was just a farmer's daughter in Benoni, South Africa, Charlize Theron dreamed of coming to America. "Not to any particular city," she says. Just 'America.' It always seemed like a place where everything is possible." Two decades later, anything is possible for Theron. The woman who left home as a dancer became a model and successful actress. Those early days are on her mind this month as she narrates When I Was a Girl, WE's series about the childhoods of famous women. Here, we grill the 28-year-old on some of her youthful indiscretions.

TV Guide Online: When you were a girl did you ever dream that you'd grow up to be a famous actress who gets paid to kiss Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves...
Well... (Fake laughs)

TVGO: ...Tobey McGuire, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck?
You are so funny. But, no. I grew up on a little farm in South Africa. I never knew anything about acting. In m read more


Latina talk superstar Cristina Saralegui is crossing over to the English-language market. The Cuban Oprah has inked a deal with Touchstone Television to star in a sitcom based on her life. read more


Hollywood party animal Tara Reid will put her martini down long enough to do a multi-episode arc on NBC's Scrubs this season. Carson's ex will play a new love interest for series star Zach Braff in as many as six episodes. Scrubs kicks off its third season on Oct. 2. read more

Howard Stern's "Wife" Goes to D.C.

Actress Mary McCormack is best known as shock jock Howard Stern's wife from 1997's Private Parts. Now, she's tackling even tougher, and possibly trashier, subject matter. In HBO's improv series K Street — Sundays at 10:30 pm/ET starting Sept. 14th — she'll dive into the world of Washington politics, under the watchful eyes of executive producers Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney.

Here's the sitch: Real-life political figures like Hilary Clinton guest star as clients of K Street's imaginary PR consulting firm. The "consultants" who work there include political pundits James Carville and Mary Matalin, who play themselves, while actors like McCormack and Ed's John Slattery play characters. Confused yet?

"The idea of the show," explains McCormack, "is that on Monday, we all sort of brainstorm and talk about what is going on in the news that week, like what everyone in D.C read more


FX has renewed its hit plastic-surgery drama Nip/Tuck for a second season, to begin as early as next spring. Since debuting in July, the show has averaged a healthy 3.4 million viewers. read more

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