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A woman filed a $10-million lawsuit Thursday against the producers of Extreme Makeover, claiming they stole her idea for the plastic-surgery show. Diane Locke claimed she pitched a concept similar to Makeover but was turned down. read more


Republicans, beware: Broadway's Tony-winning puppet show Avenue Q is headed to Sin City. In lieu of a national tour, producers have struck a deal to stage the musical at the new Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Country Club beginning in fall 2005. read more


Music legend Ray Charles, hailed as the Father of Soul, died Thursday morning at his Beverly Hills home after a long battle with liver disease. The 73-year-old's manager, Joe Adams, said, "Mr. Charles was conscious and engaged almost to the end, and wanted the world to know that he will miss the chance to entertain his many family and friends, as he had done, up until last summer, for the past 58 years." In his life, Charles overcame obstacles such as childhood poverty, blindness and heroin addiction to pioneer the soul sound — and win 12 Grammys along the way. His final album, a CD of duets with such performers as Elton John, Norah Jones and Willie Nelson, is slated for release later this summer. read more


Whitney Houston received a lifetime achievement award at the inaugural Women's World Awards Wednesday in Germany. The event honors "women whose unique achievements have contributed to a better, more peaceful and humane society." It's not clear what award Houston got. read more


Model Genevieve Gowman is seeking spousal support from pint-size Austin Powers thesp Verne Troyer. Gowman says she married Troyer last January in a "confidential" ceremony, a claim Mr. Mini-Me is disputing. According to reports, Troyer filed papers Feb. 23 seeking an annulment on the basis of an "unsound mind" and "fraud." Rumor has it Gowan is demanding the sum of 1 MILLION DOLLARS. read more


Eminem has won his copyright dispute with hip-hop magazine The Source, which published racially charged lyrics — recorded during Em's angry teen years — on their website. Because The Source violated a federal restraining order in doing so, a judge ordered the mag to reimburse Em's legal fees in the case. read more


Jimmy Kimmel has apologized for joking that Detroit Pistons fans would burn down the city if their hoops team beats the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. ABC, fearing that Kimmel would take more pot shots at Detroit on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, scrapped an original episode and aired a repeat instead. ABC's Detroit affiliate retaliated by banning the show altogether, running The Wayne Brady Show in its place. Man, Detroit is out of control when it gets angry. read more

Pepsi SmashLook at Alanis Morissette,...

Pepsi Smash Look at Alanis Morissette, all grown up! And I love the hair. That Rapunzel look never really worked in my opinion, anyway. And I'm digging her new sound and song, "Everything." She's still a little hard to understand (after all, she is Canadian), but the lyrics go something like, "You see everything/You see every part/You see something something/And you love my dog." That's brilliant! Although I wish she had a cat so I could identify with her even more. Oh, wait. I googled the lyrics and it turns out it's actually "You see all my light/And you love my dark," but I'll never be able to get dog out of my head. And I really like that Maroon 5 song and I thought that the lead singer was pretty cute (like a peppier Chris Martin)— until I saw his Lakers jersey. Ugh.

Come to Papa Tonight's big jokes revolved around overweight kids, hobos and "female problems." The only thing remotely redeeming about this episode w read more

Why Glenn Close Has No Man

Glenn Close says she's nothing like the impeccably clad housefrau she plays in The Stepford Wives (opening tomorrow). In fact, the 57-year-old star's biggest fear is glamming up and dressing to perfection for Hollywood events!

"It is the absolute burden of my existence," Close admits. "It is an absolute horror. When I have to go somewhere it is like, 'What am I going to wear — and who is going to criticize it?' I hate it.

"I'm very bad at shopping, and I don't like spending money on clothes," she adds with a sigh. "I'm very lucky to have designers that will lend me things [or] give a lovely discount, and that's nice. I was not raised [with] shopping as entertainment, so for me, it is absolute agony. I'm very lucky to have people to help me."

A single mother, Close doesn't blame fashion foibles for her lack of a boyfriend. Instead, she feels her strong career choices are the problem. "I realized the other day that I have been in this prof read more

Seven Silly Questions for... Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is not Howard Stern... yet. But give him time. In any given week, you can catch the future king of all media on two of the tube's most polarizing programs, NBC's Fear Factor (Mondays at 8 pm/ET) and Comedy Central's The Man Show (Sundays at 10 pm/ET). Today, he's even taking over the Internet, visiting TV Guide Online to answer seven of our silliest questions ever. Can the former stand-up's conquest of Paris Hilton, UPN and the world be far behind?

TV Guide Online: Since men are such notorious channel surfers, is The Man Show doomed simply because its title aims to attract this fickle demographic?
Joe Rogan:
We counter that problem by featuring many young girls with bags of saline stuffed into the skin beneath their nipples. I know it sounds weird, but it actually works.

TVGO: Care to address the rumor that you only allow Doug Stanhope to continue on as your co-host because you think he's less handsome than read more

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