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Question: I recently caught ...

Question: I recently caught Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and saw that a Ted Cassidy played Harvey, the gang member who fights Butch in the movie. Is he the same Ted Cassidy from The Addams Family? — Joe K., Elko, Nev.

Televisionary: One and the same, Joe. Lurch, the monstrous, monosyllabic butler to the Addams family for two seasons on ABC beginning in September 1964, was the 6-foot-9 Cassidy's first TV role after majoring in drama in college and training on the stage. As you might imagine, it wasn't the most challenging work for a guy who'd played Falstaff onstage and was a respectable singer to boot. But to make matters worse, it required the actor to play up every clumsy, gawky attribute he'd spent years trying to leave behind.

"Talk about mixed feelings," Cassidy, who passed away in 1979, told TV Guide in '65. "I can't believe my luck in being on a succ read more

Bernie Mac Star's Balancing Act

At 14, Camille Winbush has created one of TV's most complex and affecting teen characters, the vulnerable and attitudinal big sister Vanessa on Fox's The Bernie Mac Show. TV Guide Online caught up with the actress (and accomplished gymnast) during a break in filming.

TV Guide Online: Vanessa had a boyfriend for an episode this season. Did that storyline spring from real life or the imagination of the writers?
Camille Winbush:
A bit of both. Sometimes, I'll give the writers ideas for things that they hear me talking about, like gymnastics. That's something I really do, so they decided to put it in the script back in 2003. They often take different pieces from my life and put it into Vanessa's.

TVGO: Is it difficult to compete in club gymnastics while also handling your role on the show and your schoolwork?
At times it's har read more


Alias hottie Michael Vartan is in talks to join the cast of Monster-in-Law, which centers on a girl (Jennifer Lopez) who's set to marry the perfect guy (Vartan) until she meets his mother (Jane Fonda). Vartan would shoot the film this summer during his Alias hiatus. read more

Apprentice's Troy: ''I Couldn't Compete''

"I about went ass over tea kettles," says 32-year-old country bumpkin Troy McClain of his reaction to getting fired Thursday on NBC's The Apprentice. We were right there with ya, buddy. Not only did the media peg McClain the clear favorite to win Donald Trump's entrepreneurial olympics, but the above-average joe was America's clear choice as well. So what the heck happened to send the homespun hero from frontrunner to, as he puts it, "looking up the ass of a dead dog with fleas?" Well, for starters, he picked Kwame to join him in the freakin' boardroom instead of Bill.

TV Guide Online: What were you thinking? Had you picked Bill you would still be in this game!
Troy McClain:
I don't know that that's true. Bill had a higher success record than both Kwame and I. At the end of the day, the education [issue] weighed heavily on DT's mind. I've got a high-school diploma; read more


Bobby Brown is reportedly shooting a new reality show that he's hoping to sell to a major network. The project would revolve around Brown and his equally troubled wife, Whitney Houston, and — one assumes — offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the nation's legal system. Where does all this leave little Bobbi Kristina? You know the drill. read more


The nine remaining American Idol contestants will perform from the songbook of Sir Elton John on Tuesday's performance edition. According to a Fox press release, Fantasia and co. had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the pop icon "around the piano" (translation: wave to him from a safe distance). It's unclear whether or not John will serve as a guest judge, but I'm doubting it. read more


Another really good TV show has bitten the dust: Fox has canceled Wonderfalls after just four episodes. read more


Lord of Rings star John Rhys-Davies — he played Gimli — has been tapped to star opposite Bill Pullman in NBC's apocalyptic-drama pilot Revelations, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In other pilot-casting news, Joe Lawrence — whose Run of the House is about to come to an end — has landed the male lead in the potential ABC comedy I Married Sofia. He'll play a stockbroker who marries a Colombian actress (Sofia Vergara) so she can get her green card. read more


Farscape is returning home to the Sci Fi Channel. The cabler has finalized a deal to air Farscape: Peacekeeper War, the highly anticipated four-hour miniseries that will tie up all the loose ends left dangling when the network axed the acclaimed drama last year. The project has already wrapped production and is slated to air at the end of the year. read more

Jennifer Tilly Milks It

For years, Jennifer Tilly was blissfully unaware that she had a funny voice. And now? She's blissfully in on the joke. "My career has taken a really strange turn in the last few years," observes the actress, who mouths off as a tone-deaf bovine in the new animated feature Home on the Range. "I played the one-eyed monster with snakey hair in Monsters, Inc., then I played a disembodied head in a bottle in The Haunted Mansion. Now I'm playing a cow, and the next movie I'm doing is a sequel to [Bride of Chucky], where I play a small homicidal doll and also myself, international B-movie actress Jennifer Tilly."

Luckily, the one-time Oscar nominee — a decade ago, for her turn as a starlet whose talents are better displayed in an evening gow read more

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