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As you know, KFC last week announced that it would offer the Apprentice runner-up a crispy $25,000 to spend one week helping the company roll out its new oven-roasted chicken line. So, is Kwame game? "Once we negotiate a higher fee, yes," he laughs. Maybe he'll change his mind once he gets home and reads his mail. TV Guide Online has learned that PETA, prior to the finale, sent letters to both Kwame and Bill urging them to turn down the chicken gig. "If KFC offers you the position of chief sales officer," the letter reads, "and if you accept it, you will be condoning the systematic torture and exploitation of beautiful, intelligent animals in the name of business." read more


The WB is developing an original movie about Kurt Cobain, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The telepic will be based on Charles Cross's 2001 book Heavier than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain. read more


American Idol voters sentenced jailhouse rocker Jon Peter Lewis to life without a record contract last night. The 24-year-old reluctant pen salesman became the fifth finalist ousted from Fox's modern-day Gong Show. Seven contestants remain, including eventual winner Fantasia Barrino. read more


The systematic purging of the Mogo Mogo tribe continued last night on Survivor: All Stars as 50-year-old Marquesas alum Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien was sent home in a 6-2 vote. "I wish I had gotten further," she said after her ouster. "I wanted that million bucks so bad." If you've got questions for the Kathster, e-mail them to me via the link at the bottom of this page. read more

The ApprenticeSo The Donald chose...

The Apprentice So The Donald chose Bill over Kwame, an absolute no-brainer after watching Bill coordinate a golf outing with relatively few snafus while Kwame's team self-destructed before his eyes. To be fair, it seemed to me that both Bill and Kwame's minions were out to sabotage their leaders. Bill's crabby crew inexplicably threw out an important sponsor's poster, while Omarosa singlehandedly sank Kwame's ship by acting like a "space cadet" throughout their task of organizing a Jessica Simpson concert in Atlantic City. Trump put Bill in charge of the construction of his future towers in Chicago — where Trump told his new prot&#233g&#233 that he'd have a lot of supervision. And it hit me: This wasn't the ultimate job interview. It was the ultimate Trump infomercial. For the past 13 weeks, we have watched these young hopefuls vie for a job under Trump while staying in Trump Towers, visiting Trump casinos and resorts and go read more


On Thursday's finale of The Apprentice, Donald Trump dropped the big H-bomb on 32-year-old self-made entrepreneur Bill Rancic before an audience of nearly 28 million viewers. The hunky Chicago native beat out 29-year-old Harvard grad Kwame Jackson, who, in the end, failed to overcome a huge handicap in Oma-rosa. "I think Omarosa set him back," Trump conceded to TV Guide Online just moments after the show ended. "She certainly didn't help. She was caught in a double lie and she was missing in action." Rancic, meanwhile, accepted a $250,000-a-year job heading up a Trump-owned skyscraper in the Windy City. "Today is a great day for entrepreneurs around the country," he said following his big win. "This is something I've wanted since I was 10 years old." That's all well and good, but whom is he romancing? Amy read more

The Apprentice's Secrets Revealed!

When it comes to exposing the secrets behind The Apprentice, executive producer Mark Burnett would prefer that they remain "behind the curtain. As the Wizard, it doesn't serve me to talk about the inner workings of production." But as rabid fans of NBC's monster reality hit, it does serve us. So, with the show's two-hour season finale airing tonight, TV Guide Online is firing off 11 things Donald Trump (and Burnett) would never tell you about the nation's guiltiest pleasure.

1. The contestants aren't shipped home after getting fired. Those cabs, which stop mysteriously without ever having been hailed, escort the newly unemployed to a nearby hotel, where they stay until the show's six-week shoot ends. "They sequestered us because we had to keep secret who was still playing the game," explains Kristi Frank. And for those who got the boot early on, that meant having "a free month in New York City on Donald Trump and Mark Burnett," s read more

Jon Favreau Serves It Up

Jon Favreau has a hard time getting women to have dinner with him. No, his marriage isn't in trouble. The Elf director merely wants more famous female diners on his IFC chatfest, Dinner for Five (Fridays at 10 pm/ET). While there's seemingly a plethora of men ready to enjoy a free meal and some casual banter, it's harder to persuade Hollywood's lady luminaries to join in the fun.

"We have tried doing an all-women show," Favreau tells TV Guide Online, "but it is incredibly hard to find people and book them. Also, it is a lot easier for a guy to eat on camera and not be afraid of looking like a pig."

No matter who the guests are, their affable host does his best to show everyone a good time. "To me, it is about the relationships with these people," the 37-year-old Favreau says of the series. "I try to make them feel comfortable, and if they say anything they wish they didn't, I let them cut it out. It is all about trust. I find that if you let p read more


Dick Clark, 74, has had adult-onset diabetes for the past 10 years, but kept it a secret from everyone except close friends and family. Clark's public disclosure coincides with his new role as a spokesman for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. read more


NBC has wiped City of Dreams off the map. The highly-touted fall drama — starring NYPD Blue grad Jimmy Smits as a private eye — has been scrapped, Variety reports. read more

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