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Exiting talk-show host Wayne Brady has nabbed his first big-screen starring role. According to Variety, the funnyman will star opposite Paul Walker in the action thriller Running Scared... Bravo has ordered six episodes of a new improv series starring Howie Mandel. read more

Question: First off I have to ...

Question: First off I have to say I love your column! If anyone knows the answer to my question, it has to be you! I really loved the HBO series Carnivale and I thought it was coming back, but it's been off the air for quite some time. So what's the story? Is it coming back or not? Thanks for your help! — Stefanie, Redondo Beach, Cal.

Televisionary: No problem, Stefanie. All I know is good news: HBO tells me the series is definitely coming back. No other details are available, but look for it early next year.

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Nomination ballots for the 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards arrive in voters' mailboxes this week, and that can only mean one thing: It's time for TV Guide's fourth annual dream Emmy picks! Click here to find out who made the cut. Here's a hint: Fans of Arrested Development, Scrubs, The O.C. and Mariska Hargitay will be very pleased. read more


Bailey's whiny kid sis Claudia (aka Lacey Chabert) has joined the cast of A&E's upcoming Christopher Reeve-helmed telepic, The Brooke Ellison Story, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She'll play the older sib of the title character, who became a quadriplegic at age 11. Regardless, look for Claude to make it all about her. read more

Question: As a huge Buffy ...

Question: As a huge Buffy fan, when it ended I became curious about something. Other than this show and M*A*S*H, are there any other television shows that became so successful that they overpowered the movies they were based on? There seems to be an infinite number of shows-based-on-movies that come and go in the blink of an eye, thankfully in most cases, but Buffy and M*A*S*H are the only two that I can think of that were not only successful but also leave people shocked when they realize that they were actually based on movies. — Chris C., Pittsburg, Cal.

Televisionary: Well, "overpowered" is a subjective opinion, Chris. (And I'll ignore the fact that M*A*S*H, like several other of the examples I'm about to list, was a book before it was a movie; heck, I have to draw the line somewhere, so I'll stick to the scripted form.) For example, I agree in the ca read more

Question: I used to love the ...

Question: I used to love the '80s show Riptide and really liked Joe Penny. Just out of curiosity, though, was that his first big role? — Dara P., Mason City, Iowa

Televisionary: "Big" is always a relative term, Dara. (Try telling some kid just out of school that a bit part on a TV series or a minor role in a major feature isn't big, for example.) Penny had already done guest work on such series as Nancy Drew Mysteries, Lou Grant and Archie Bunker's Place, and had even landed the role of Bugsy Siegel in the nine-part Gangster Chronicles before he and Perry King co-starred as two beach-bum gumshoes in NBC's Riptide from January 1984 to April 1986.

The thing was, Penny had been trying for the role of King's Cody Allen rather than the role he landed, that of Nick Ryder. "But we asked him back to consider Nick's part," co-e read more


Donald Trump has once again dropped the F-bomb (as in fired, folks) on Apprentice ladies man Kwame Jackson. The Harvard grad — who was slated to judge tonight's Miss Universe pageant in Quito, Ecuador — was removed from the panel after he was caught mingling with some of the contestants at the official delegate hotel. (Trump owns the Miss Universe contest.) Jackson insists he "had no idea that [the hotel] was off-limits to judges." Um, wasn't Omarosa supposed to tell him? read more

What Not to Wear Alright. I think...

What Not to Wear
Alright. I think I got it. Don't wear baggy all-black ensembles. (It's not as slimming as you think.) Do wear fitted/tailored mostly black ensembles that include a splash of color (like a blue tank or accessories) to "pop." That took me all of two minutes to get. So why did it take that crabby New York attorney a whole episode? Shoot. Stacey and Clinton need to give me $5000 to buy new clothes. OK?

E! True Hollywood Story: Trust Fund Babies
Sure Holly Branson, Ivanka Trump, Casey Johnson and Athina Onassis Roussel stand to inherit more money than any young person should have, but are they really happy? Hmmm.

The One That Got Away
Well, lookahere. NBC has unveiled yet another reality dating show. This time it's a two-hour special about Skip Kress, a bartender and "consultant" from North Carolina who, having decided he's ready to settle down, decides read more

Question: I just saw CBS's ...

Question: I just saw CBS's Wednesday lineup for fall. No Guardian. What's up? — Marci J., Renton, Wash.

Televisionary: It's gone, Marci. Along with The Stones, The Handler, Hack, The District, Century City and Becker.

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Question: On the May 18 ...

Question: On the May 18 episode of Special Victims Unit, who was the guest actress who portrayed the woman with the brain tumor? My husband says it was Heather Graham (with a dye job). I disagree. — Susan, Horsham, Pa.

Televisionary: And there's a good reason you do: It's not Ms. Graham. The actress playing principal Meredith Rice was Stacy Edwards, whom you may also have seen in episodes of Cold Case, CSI, Without a Trace, Chicago Hope, L.A. Law and The Fugitive, among others.

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