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After six weeks at a private treatment facility, Mary-Kate Olsen — who's been battling either an eating disorder or drug addiction, according to which tabs you read — is on the mend. The 18-year-old's publicist, Michael Pagnotta, told The Associated Press she's "doing well," adding that fans can "expect her to return home soon." read more


Actors Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston are teaming up to star in Walt Disney's teen comedy Sky High. The duo will play superpowered parents of a teenage boy attending a high school for similarly gifted offspring. Production starts on Aug. 20 in Los Angeles. read more

Trading Spouses There...

Trading Spouses
There is a groundbreaking new reality show about two very different families who trade mothers for a short period of time — but Trading Spouses isn't it.

It's called Wife Swap and it premieres on ABC in another month or so.

The premise for both shows is great (even if it is identical), but it all boils down to the execution. Had I not seen the ABC pilot, I would probably like Trading Spouses more. But you know how it is when you get one of those off-brand peanut-butter cups in your Easter basket and it kind of tastes like a Reese's, but not quite, and it makes you really wish you had the real thing...? If you're remotely interested in the Fox version, just wait till you see what ABC has in store.

But let's talk about Trading Spouses, or should we call it The Tammy Show, because it's very evident that our Botoxed Southern Belle lives at the center of her own pampered universe.

So read more


Britney Spears' fianc&#233, dancer Kevin Federline, is a daddy again, and it ain't with the headline-stealing pop star. Federline's former girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson, delivered their second child yesterday at an Orange County hospital. The sex of the baby has yet to be revealed, but it's pretty certain that he or she will be able to bust a move with the best of them. In other Britney news... read more


Michael Jackson denies Us Weekly's allegation that he is expecting quadruplets via a surrogate mother. "This is not true," Jacko's publicist, Raymone Bain, told Reuters, "and we are not going to further comment on stories of this nature." However, the mag stands by its story, which cited unnamed sources who say the former King of Pop recently visited the pregnant mom-to-be in Florida, where he stayed in a $4000-a-night Miami Beach hotel suite. Just to catch you up, Jacko is currently embroiled in that pesky child-molestation controversy and already has three kids by two other women. Does the man really need more drama in his life? read more


Hip-hop mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has launched Citizen Change, his personal campaign to get young and minority voters involved in the Nov. 2 presidential election. P. Diddy's effort will include "Vote or Die" T-shirts, political ads on MTV and BET, and a nationwide voter-registration drive. "The forgotten ones will ultimately decide who the next president is," he declared in a statement. "According to the latest polls, Bush and Kerry are neck-and-neck. We will make the difference. We will be the deciding factor." While P. Diddy claims that Citizen Change is nonpartisan, it's telling that ex-Clinton strategist James Carville is among his mostly Democratic advisers. read more

Comic Jay London Calling

If you were sorry to see Last Comic Standing finalist Jay London get the hook in the reality contest's most recent episode, you weren't alone. Despite his off-putting appearance — he'd be the first to admit his style could've been swiped from a Neanderthal — London's warm demeanor and quirky delivery made him a real contender. Heck, head-to-head competitor Gary Gulman even got all misty-eyed over his ouster! So while the shaggy, self-deprecating funnyman looks for a way back into the spotlight — and before another of his housemates is banished in tonight's episode (airing at 9 pm/ET on NBC) — TV Guide Online sought him out to give him a great, big hug. Um... we mean, to conduct a serious and completely unbiased interview.

TV Guide Online: I've gotta tell you, in all sincerity, I think your act is really unique and funny. I hope being eliminated didn't discourage you.
Jay London
: I am not discouraged. The more torture I go th read more


Ex-Baywatch star Michael Bergin was arrested Friday night and charged with felony DUI, reports. Cops picked up the 35-year-old after he allegedly plowed his SUV into a female roller skater, then refused to take a sobriety test. Bergin made headlines last spring by publishing The Other Man, a trashy tell-all best-seller about his supposed affair with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Coincidentally, his July 16 arrest fell on the fifth anniversary of the plane crash that killed Bessette Kennedy and husband JFK Jr. This weekend, Bergin spent about 11 hours in police custody before posting $50,000 bail. The skater, meanwhile, went to L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she's expected to undergo knee surgery. read more


Emmy winner Rob Morrow has been cast in the CBS pilot Numbers. The drama features an MIT mathematician who is recruited by an FBI agent, played by the Northern Exposure alum. Morrow takes over the role from The Recruit's Gabriel Macht. read more

Press Tour Diary: Day Eight

With only two days to go, I can finally see the light at the end of the press-tour tunnel. CBS concluded its TCA stint Monday with a panel for Jason Alexander's new sitcom, Listen Up, and a Q&A with four of the original writers from the soon-to-depart Everybody Loves Raymond. There was also a session with Dr. Phil for his upcoming prime-time special, but, well, let's just say I had to miss that due to a "dental emergency."

9:03 am Dang it. The gift shop at the St. Regis is out of Balance bars and I'm really hungry. I bet the Century Plaza next door will have some.

9:06 As I approach the hotel's front entrance, I spot former Access Hollywood anchor Pat O'Brien sitting all alone behind a fold-up table. Is he registering people to vote? Is he selling lemonade? What in God's name is he doing!?!?

9:06:30 Oh, wait: He's here to promote his upcomin read more

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