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So this is what Brandy meant by "secret wedding." The singer's alleged ex-husband, Robert Smith, told a New York radio station that the couple's short-lived "marriage" in 2002 was a ruse to protect the then-pregnant singer. In a statement, Brandy responds: "I am deeply hurt and shocked by the things that Robert has been saying. We had a spiritual union and true commitment to each other, and we still share a common bond through our daughter, Sy'rai." As the old saying goes, it's not a lie if you... On second thought, sometimes it's just a lie. read more

Big Brother 5 Top Four (Because...

Big Brother 5
Top Four (Because Five Would Be Pushing It) Quotes of the Show:

4. "God, this is never gonna end." — A pre-eviction Lori, lamenting the elimination process. (Honey, I was thinking the same thing, only about this episode.)
3. "I don't trust anyone as far as I can throw Star Jones after Thanksgiving dinner." — Soon-to-be dethroned HOH Marvin after Jase rescued Holly from eviction. (I know, I know. It's wrong but it's still quite a vivid image to conjure up.)
2. "I was so liquored up, I don't really remember doing it." — Jase, in response to an inquiry about how it felt to use the veto and save Holly. (Why is it that I don't think that's the first time he's used that excuse in his dubious dealings with members of the opposite sex?)
1. "...I'm sitting here with my head on the anvil..." — Prospective evictee Karen during her plea to stay in the game. read more


With age comes wisdom, and, ABC hopes, lasting love. In an effort to reverse The Bachelor's romantic losing streak (Jesse and Jessica's recent split made the guys 0-5), sources say the network has recruited a wealthy older gent — we're talking fortysomething, folks — to star in the sixth edition, airing this fall. Rich and middle-aged? Throw in a faint heart, and Anna Nicole Smith will apply. read more


Taking a break from saving the world, Kiefer Sutherland treated a group of women to an impromptu strip show last Thursday at a club in New Zealand. According to reports, the 37-year-old 24 star — who was in town filming the 18th-century drama River Queen — took off his shirt and waved it above his head to the tune of Tom Jones' "You Can Leave Your Hat On." Public spectacles are nothing new to Sutherland. Last February, he made headlines when he was injured in a barroom brawl in Los Angeles. In related news, I blame Julia Roberts for all this. read more


Sources confirm that fired CSI actress Jorja Fox has been given her job back — but at her old $100,000-per-episode salary. "There will be no renegotiation," says a source close to the show. Meanwhile, Fox's costar George Eads apparently did just enough groveling at the TCA press tour on Wednesday to merit rehiring — although no official deal has been struck. "Let me tell you, I've apologized nine ways to Sunday," Eads told reporters, insisting he missed work last week because he, um, overslept. "It's a big misunderstanding, straight up." As the old saying goes, it's not a lie if you use the title of a Paula Abdul song in your defense. read more


Matt LeBlanc has made a new friend. Newcomer Andrea Anders has landed the pivotal role of Joey's next-door neighbor (and possible love interest) on Joey, NBC now confirms. Anders replaces Ashley Scott, who was let go last month for creative reasons. Anders, who had a small role in this summer's Stepford Wives remake, beat out several actresses for the coveted gig — including one rather high-profile thesp. And no, it wasn't Keri Russell — who, let's face it, could get any role she damn well wanted. read more


Linda Ronstadt has been welcomed back to Las Vegas' Aladdin Hotel and Casino just four days after being fired for dedicating a song to Fahrenheit 9/11 rabble-rouser Michael Moore. The hotel's new management team, which takes over in September, says it respects "artists' creativity and [we] support their rights to express themselves." Aladdin's new partners may also take Moore up on his offer to sing "America the Beautiful" with Ronstadt while tooling around Vegas in an ice-cream truck. read more


Hollywood is mourning the death of Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith, who scored such films as Basic Instinct, Poltergeist and Star Trek. He was 75. read more


Kirstie Alley, whose ballooning weight has gotten heavy play in the tabloids in recent months, will poke fun at her plus-sized image in a new reality series for Showtime titled Fat Actress. She'll play a "slightly fictionalized version of herself," says Showtime chief Robert Greenblatt, "an actress trying to lose weight, get a man and find a job." So, what exactly is the fictionalized part? read more

Big Bro 5's Happy Reject

Big Brother 5's first cast-off, Mike Lubinski, 41, was pretty much relieved to be ousted. This staunchly conservative single dad ran into trouble with some younger studs — Scott and Jase, an allied pair who viewed his knowledge of the game as a big threat. Plus, as the commercial painter tells TV Guide Online, sitting around doing nothing was about as exciting as, well, watching paint dry.

TVGO: Was your family glad you didn't put on women's underwear like the other guys did in the margarita reward challenge?
They were all proud that I didn't sink to lower levels.

TVGO: Didn't that make Jase think you weren't a team player, though?
No. I think it was because I went around telling everybody that Scott and Jase were the strongest alliance. When they found out I was saying that, that's when they planned to get rid of me. Everybody else in there was kind of afraid to do anything against them.

TVGO: S read more

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