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Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, 36, married her 22-year-old beau, actor Christopher Backus, on June 11 in a private ceremony at the Santa Barbara courthouse. It's the first marriage for both. read more


Michael Moore's anti-Dubya doc Fahrenheit 9/11 grossed $23.9 million over the weekend, about $2 million more than first reported. In related news, Disney chief Michael Eisner — who refused to release 9/11 on the grounds that it was too political (D'oh!) — was spotted leaving a screening of the pic Sunday in Los Angeles. Sources say he was smiling and, well, creepy. read more


A dazed and confused Courtney Love showed up five hours late to a New York court hearing Monday on misdemeanor charges of tossing a mic stand at a clubgoer last March. Judge Melissa Jackson told the troubled rocker that she was about to be marked as a fugitive. "I want to make it clear to you that you are supposed to be in court at 9:30, not 3 o'clock," the judge hissed. "Three o'clock is not acceptable. The rule applies to you, the same as it does to everyone else." Love is due back in court Sept. 7 at 9:30 am/ET and on Earth sometime in 2016. read more


Wizards and muggles alike, take note! Author J.K. Rowling has conjured up a title for her sixth Harry Potter novel: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. She's also spilled some tantalizing plot clues on her official Web site. "The Half Blood Prince is neither Harry nor Voldemort," Rowling wrote, "and that's all I'm saying on that subject until the book's published." She added that "certain crucial pieces of information in Book 6 were originally planned for [the second book] The Chamber of Secrets." However, she noted, both the second and sixth books "hold some very important clues to the ultimate end of the series." What a tease. read more


Columbia Pictures has tapped Kate Hudson to headline a remake of the 1954 comedy It Should Happen to You, which starred Judy Holliday and Jack Lemmon... Felicity's Scott Speedman has joined the cast of the upcoming XXX sequel. As reported, Ice Cube will replace Vin Diesel as the pic's star. read more

Question: I remember you ...

Question: I remember you writing about how Kate Jackson caused friction on the Charlie's Angel set by being strong-willed. Was she cured of that by the time she did The Scarecrow and Mrs. King? — Lilah B., Jackson, Wyo.

Televisionary: Asking if she was "cured" implies Ms. Jackson's assertiveness was an affliction to be treated, Lilah. And while an Angels producer or two may have agreed with you, Jackson never apologized for speaking her mind, and the people who worked with her on CBS's The Scarecrow and Mrs. King from October 1983 to September 1987 didn't seem to mind too much, either. (I'll admit, of course, that Jackson owning a piece of the show may have had something to do with that.)

"Yes, I had my say about Charlie's Angels," Jackson, who played housewife-turned-spy Amanda King, told TV Guide in 1984. "Why is that such a big deal? We're not robots, though some people read more

Question: After watching a ...

Question: After watching a rerun of Who's the Boss, I couldn't remember if Tony and Angela ever married on the show. Did they? And if they didn't, why not? — D.S., Collierville, Tenn.

Televisionary: They didn't actually marry on the show, but they appeared to be on their way. In the last episode, Tony and Angela had separated and Angela was looking for a new housekeeper. Tony showed up to try out for the job, the implication being that he wanted to give their relationship another shot, too. I answered this question at length a couple years back. You can read that answer by doing an archives search.

read more


Rick Hilton is following in his daughter's reality-show footsteps. According to Variety, 777 will shadow seven high rollers as they live together in a Las Vegas suite and fight over a $7 million pot. The project is being shopped to the networks this week. As previously reported, Hilton matriarch Kathy is also breaking into the reality biz with NBC's The Good Life, an eight-episode series in which Paris's mama teaches 10 young women how to fit into high society. read more


Yesterday, TV Guide Online — as well as The Associated Press, USA Today and the Washington Post — reported that actress Helena Bonham Carter and director Tim Burton welcomed their first child over the weekend. Turns out it was all just a hoax. The couple's son, Billy Ray, was actually born last October. On the bright side, no one really cares about this anyway. read more

A Quick Confession I just spent...

A Quick Confession
I just spent a reality-TV-free week with my mama, and it was sweet. Truly. Although, I've gotta admit I didn't replace those shows with quality television. And I'm blaming my mother for that. Every night she said one of three things: "Let's see what's on Lifetime," "Find me a movie" or "Oh, Walker, Texas Ranger!" And I'm so not kidding on that last one. I had to relearn that Chuck Norris is my mama's man. And you better not say anything bad about Chuck Norris. So I'm just going to leave the Walker, Texas episode where Walker takes an AIDS-stricken Haley Joel Osment on a vision quest alone. But what am I doing getting off the subject? North Shore is on.

North Shore
This is Brooke Burns acting shocked that her fellow "Gotham Goddess" is serious about making a move on her ex man. ______.
This is Brooke Burns showing concern for her drunk rich friend. ______.
And this is Brooke l read more

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