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As first hinted in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, Heather Graham is in preliminary discussions to join the cast of my favorite TV show, Scrubs, this fall as a full-fledged series regular. "She'd play an attending shrink who comes in and [exposes] everyone's flaws and all their bull----," says exec producer Bill Lawrence. "The character's a real catalyst to mess things up for everybody." Pretty girls are so like that. read more


Janet Jackson's Super Bowl peep show could cost 20 Viacom-owned CBS stations a total of $550,000 in fines, payable in singles. The FCC is expected to make a final decision next month. read more


With his latest run for president DOA, Rev. Al Sharpton is proceeding with Plan B. He'll serve as one of two "life counselors" on Spike TV's I Hate My Job, an eight-episode reality series (debuting this fall) that follows a group of men as they quit their loser jobs and embark on career makeovers. "I'm the working man's [Donald] Trump," Sharpton says. "He brings people into the penthouse. We bring them into the house." What house? Is there an address? Sounds like a trap. read more


A rep for Mary-Kate Olsen insists that the weight-challenged wonder twin is not in rehab for a drug problem — despite the fact that she is being treated at a Utah facility that specializes in alcoholism and other drug addictions. "It is a multitreatment facility," her spokesperson tells USA Today. "Mary-Kate has a team of people working with her, including a renowned psychologist [who specializes in eating disorders] and a nutritionist." Speaking of celebrity denials, Britney Spears' PR person is shooting down reports that the recently engaged pop tart is with child. Says her rep: "No, she is not pregnant." Nuts, yes. Pregnant, no. read more


A woman charged with stalking Catherine Zeta-Jones has written the T-Mobile pitchwoman a letter apologizing for "any distress" she caused her, adding "it would be a wonderful good deed if you would all forgive me." Dawnette Knight's lawyer, Richard Herman, insists that his client would never harm anyone. "The worst thing she has ever been accused of was killing her ex-boyfriend's goldfish," he says, "and she says she's innocent of that." However, rumor has it the prosecution has a snapshot of Knight wiping tartar sauce from her mouth shortly after the little guy's disappearance. read more


With ratings down 50 percent, Trading Spaces will undergo an extreme makeover this fall. "We've got to reinvent the show, and clearly we should've done it a little bit sooner," TLC general manager Roger Marmont tells Variety. "We'll evolve the format so that the show will be a lot less predictable than it is now." Translation: Wet T-shirts for Paige Davis! read more


Buoyed by some of the best reviews of the year, Spider-Man 2 swings its way into 4100 theaters today with a clear mission: Beat the original film's record-breaking $114.8-million opening. Will it succeed? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say... Are you freakin' nuts, of course it will! (Honestly, I have no clue.) read more


Beyonce and her rapper-beau Jay-Z were the big winners at last night's 2004 BET Awards, claiming separate awards for best female R&B artist and top male hip-hop artist, and a shared trophy for their hit "Crazy in Love." OutKast was also a multiple winner, picking up honors for video of the year and best group. read more


Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly failing to pay a $3800 bill for several suites at a posh Long Island hotel. He was released on $250 bail. Lindsay's pa also faces charges in two separate cases, one involving a scuffle with his brother-in-law and another for swearing at a sanitation worker whose truck was blocking his car. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we just found Courtney Love's soul mate! read more


Variety reports that Imax is in talks with Sony to remaster the sequel for its large-format theaters in the very near future. Meanwhile, Fox and its sister cabler FX have acquired broadcast/cable rights to Spider-Man 2 for $50 million. read more

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