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Question: You are a funny, ...

Question: You are a funny, funny man. But I still miss Buffy more than Felicity. Naa naa na boo boo. — Taunja

Ausiello: Did you just put a curse on me?

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Question: Since you know Miss ...

Question: Since you know Miss Piggy on a first-name basis, what is her first name? And I don't think it's "Miss." — Cameron

Ausiello: That's a great question — but one I think Miss Piggy should answer herself. Let's ring her on the Vancouver set of her latest film, Muppets' Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "Kissy kissy, 'tis moi! It is always delightful to answer your readers' questions. Like many stars (e.g., Madonna, Cher, Sting, Donald), I have but one name — Piggy. However, unlike those other lesser celebrities, my contract stipulates the need for an honorific title celebrating moi's specialness: "Empress" seemed too archaic, "Goddess" too presumptuous and "Diva" too obvious, and so I chose "Miss." Perfection itself, n'est-ce pas?"

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Question: Not a question; ...

Question: Not a question; just an irritating grammar correction. You wrote in last week's "Ask Ausiello" column, "I know it sounds cliché, but I have to say the biggest perk by far is the people." The much-preferred adjective is "clichéd;" "cliché" is primarily a noun and has only forced its way into the English language as an adjective through years of misuse. — Thomasina

Ausiello: According to TV Guide Online's copy chief Kerri Griffith, "Cliché is right there as an adjective in Web 10, and although I personally prefer clichéd, it's a matter of taste, not right or wrong." You gonna let her talk to you like that, Thomasina?

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Question: OK, so I think it ...

Question: OK, so I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I had to click to the silly "Ask Ausiello" column to find out when Amazing Race 6 starts. — Rachel

Ausiello: I know, I know. I'm trying to make this column a little less information-intensive and more random.

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Question: I can't take this ...

Question: I can't take this column seriously. It's blatant self-promotion that gives very little insight on television. This website isn't called Ausiello Guide. — Manon

Ausiello: Thanks for your e-mail! I noticed you sent this to our general feedback area instead of "Ask Ausiello" directly. Were you trying to get a message to my boss without my knowing about it? If so, I should point out that I see everything that comes through this website — everything. But just to be safe, I've added your name to my "Watch List."

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Question: How much longer do ...

Question: How much longer do you think 7th Heaven will last? — Erica Taylor

Ausiello: Series creator Barbara Hampton initially hinted that this would be the show's last season, but when I spoke to her over the summer she backed down from that claim. My gut tells me the Camdens will be back next fall for a 10th and final season.

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Question: Dude, "breakout ...

Question: Dude, "breakout star" of Napoleon Dynamite? I think not. Tina Majorino was the it-kid actor of 10 years ago. She was totally the '90s Dakota Fanning. Corrina, Corrina anyone? That chick was all over the place. — Mouse

Ausiello: I knew that name sounded familiar.

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Question: Any chance the WB ...

Question: Any chance the WB will make a Dawson's Creek movie showing where they went after the show ended, kind of like they did with the group from Saved By the Bell? — Stephanie

Ausiello: Lord, I hope not.

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Question: Why the heck was ...

Question: Why the heck was Everwood a rerun last Monday — three shows into a new season? — Kelly

Ausiello: Actually, Kelly, it was five shows into the new season and, according to a WB rep, "that's part of the network business."

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Question: Your column is so ...

Question: Your column is so witty that I find myself calling my Marine Corps husband at his office to tell him the latest! He can't receive this newsletter due to restrictions on his PC. Can you give a shout-out, via me, to Rich? — Lisa

Ausiello: Hey, this isn't the Today show, folks. In any event, Rich, drop and gimme 10!

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