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Question: How many of the ...

Question: How many of the Smurfs are gay? — John

Ausiello: Just the one — Vanity.

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Question: Do you know why ...

Question: Do you know why Jimmy Kimmel Live is scheduling reruns on Thursdays? — Gord McDougall

Ausiello: Apparently, it's to allow "Jimmy more time to write and participate in comedy sketches," says the show's spokeswoman. Which is just a coy way of saying he's home watching The O.C.

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Question: I was upset to see ...

Question: I was upset to see readers giving you a hard time about taking the holiday off in last week's "Ask Ausiello." I just hope it was their way of showing you that they appreciate you. Of course, a "Hey, I missed your column, hope you had a nice Christmas" would have sounded a lot better. Keep up the good work. — Angie

Ausiello: As I learned in high school, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will scar me for life. So, although I will be in Los Angeles covering the Golden Globes and the TCA press tour all next week, there will be a fresh installment of "Ask Ausiello" next Wednesday — even if it kills me.

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Question: Just wondering ...

Question: Just wondering exactly which issue is going to have your article on Keri? — Gwenn

Ausiello: The one that goes on sale the week of January 24. Look for lots of fanfare in that week's "Ask Ausiello" — including Keri's first words on losing the role of Lois Lane to the actress whose name I dare not speaketh. (You're a fool, Bryan Singer. A fool, I tell ya!)

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Question: I was recently told ...

Question: I was recently told that this season of Gilmore Girls will be its last. Something about Alexis Bledel mentioning in an interview that she wants to do something different in her career. — Anita Job

Ausiello: Sorry about your employment situation, Anita. As far as GG goes, I'm, like, 90 percent sure it'll be back next year. But you can bet I'll pose that question next week at the mid-season press tour, where the cast will be participating in a panel discussion. If you gots any other questions for Lauren Graham & Co., send 'em in now and I'll do my best to get them answered.

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Question: Which Muppet ...

Question: Which Muppet Kubrick did you get for Christmas? I'm missing Fozzie, but have an extra Piggy if you want to trade? — Dan

Ausiello: I got Gonzo. Sure, I'll trade. You gimme Piggy and I'll run your question in "Ask Ausiello." Deal?

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Question: So, I went to see ...

Question: So, I went to see Keri's play Fat Pig over the weekend (loved it) and spoke to Keri after the show. Cool chick that I am, I mentioned that I had to see the play based on your love for her. She smiled (genuinely) and told me she thinks you are the greatest guy. Happy New Year. — Riqie

Ausiello: I thought I asked you not to mention my name?!? But since you did... What else did she say? Did she ask how I was? Did she mention that she gave me her digits? Spill, Riqie, spill!

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Question: I'm so glad Joan ...

Question: I'm so glad Joan and Melissa will be back doing Globes coverage for TV Guide Channel, but I hope it will air like a real show and not just half screen. I mean, give the women some dignity. — Susan

Ausiello: Yeah, Team Rivers will get the full-screen treatment during their red carpet revue, which kicks off Sunday at 6 pm/ET. I'm trying to get them to go full screen during my weekly "Big 5" segment — airing every Friday at 7 pm/ET — but so far, they won't budge.

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Question: Do you have in your ...

Question: Do you have in your possession the vintage Smurf Viewmaster? If not, perhaps a trade for a copy of TV Guide's colossal Guide to TV that I so desperately want. You on? — Caryn

Ausiello: If by vintage you mean 2004, no thanks. I've got that one. If by vintage you mean pre-'85, you're on, my friend.

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Question: Is Emilie de Ravin ...

Question: Is Emilie de Ravin (aka Claire from Lost) leaving the show? — Joy

Ausiello: I'm guessing not, since she — or rather, that demon spawn she's carrying in her womb — may very well be the key to this whole island mystery. I hear they're planning to rerun Claire's flashback episode Feb. 2, so don't be surprised if the pregnant Aussie returns the following week.

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