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Question: I remember a scene ...

Question: I remember a scene from a movie, or maybe part of an anthology series, about a man who hires another man to put a burrowing worm in the ear of either his wife or girlfriend while she sleeps. The worm travels through the person's head and comes out the other ear. The victim must be tied to the bed to keep from harming himself during the worm's travel. A mistake is made. Instead of the woman, the worm is put into the head of the scheming man. After it burrows through, the man's doctor examines the worm and then reports to the man that it was female. The female worms lay eggs in their victim's head, and the offspring must then burrow out. It was incredibly creepy. I would guess I saw it somewhere between 1972 and '75. Any ideas? — Bruce

Televisionary: You're thinking of the incredibly disturbing Night Gallery episode "The Caterpillar," which aired during the series' second season and is considered one of its bes read more

Question: When is the third ...

Question: When is the third season of Chappelle's Show going to begin? Wasn't it due back in February? — Arianna

Ausiello: It's looking like it won't get started now until early June. Dave C. apparently needed more time to work on the scripts.

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Question: I was just ...

Question: I was just wondering if Bradley Cooper will ever return to Alias, or is he gone for good? — K

Ausiello: As the ol' saying goes, "Never say ever." Or something like that. Basically, it all hinges on whether Fox picks up his drama pilot, Kitchen Confidential. But as of this posting, Coop/Will is not scheduled to appear. BTW, did you hear about ABC picking up Alias for a fifth season? If not, click here for the story.

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Question: So, now that an ...

Question: So, now that an election is not far away, will Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing and Co. leave The West Wing after the new president is elected? — Kaitlyn

Ausiello: Judging by my recent conversation with John Spencer, the entire cast will be back at least through the November elections. After that, I'm betting John Wells will choose to focus primarily on the new regime.

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Question: If they decide not ...

Question: If they decide not to bring Carniv&#224le back for a third full season, what would be the chance of a two-hour movie just to wrap things up a little better? I mean, we've potentially got Sophie and Justin teamed up out there wreaking havoc and surely Ben will have to finish them off for good. — Steve

Ausiello: Not a chance, according to Daniel Knauf. "It wouldn't work [as a two-hour movie]," he says, "because we're only a third of the way through our story. I had said at the beginning that we couldn't do it in any less than three seasons or any more than six. I had always envisioned the story as three books. I knew if I crushed things I could do it in three, but we didn't. We decided from the outset not to crush it and tell the stories the way they should be told — which is in three two-season cycles. That decision had to be made early on and that's the way we went." That said, Kanuf believes that Carniv&#224le's remaining "three book read more

Question: Hey Mike, still ...

Question: Hey Mike, still waiting on that scoop regarding That '70s Show. Don't leave me hanging, buddy! — Vasti

Ausiello: The scoop is this: While it's true that Topher and Ashton will not be series regulars next season, that doesn't mean we've seen the last of Eric and Kelso. My Show mole tells me Topher will be back in May '06 for the show's expected series finale, while Ashton is currently in talks to make sporadic appearances throughout the season. Now, here's some spoilage on how '70s producers plan to explain Topher's MIA status: Eric will take a teaching job in Africa in next month's season finale. Kelso's vanishing act, meanwhile, will be explained in the fall — without, ironically enough, Ashton himself.

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Question: There is a rumor ...

Question: There is a rumor going around that Buffy's Emma Caulfield may be appearing in an upcoming episode of ABC's Lost. Any truth to this? — Nathan

Ausiello: No truth, although a somewhat-major name in the independent film world will be making a splashy cameo before the season ends.

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Question: What is the ...

Question: What is the diameter of Teri Hatcher's thighs. They are so tiny. — Karin

Ausiello: Beats me, but after reading Vanity Fair's scathing Desperate Housewives cover story, I can tell you that Marcia Cross' ego measures somewhere in the neighborhood of gargantuan.

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Question: Any idea what's ...

Question: Any idea what's going to happen with Carniv&#224le? The second season finale was excellent, but I'm worried it's going to be canned. — Melanie

Ausiello: You're worried? I've been biting my nails down to nubs ever since Sophie leveled that cornfield in the episode's final moments. Fortunately, the situation doesn't seem to be as dire as Variety made it out to be last week. (The trade paper reported that Carniv&#224le was "not likely to return" for a third season.) "There's no indication from HBO that the show is dead," series creator Daniel Knauf tells me. "The fact is, our ratings for the last episode were [almost as high as] Deadwood's. Personally, I think they're gonna pick it up." From his mouth to Hawkins' ears.

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Question: We've gone two ...

Question: We've gone two weeks without Lost scoopage. Have you no mercy? — Mandy

Ausiello: OK, here's some scoop, er, I mean, inside dope: The soon-to-be-whacked castaway will be back next season in one form or another. And the actor/actress behind said castaway took the news of his/her character's passing badly. Very badly.

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