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Question: So, if Melanie ...

Question: So, if Melanie Griffith is out of Gilmore Girls (Ask Ausiello 3/9), who's the actress they're talking to now? Surely you found something out while on set. — Melanie Autin

Ausiello: Actually, I jumped the gun when I said Ms. Griffith had turned down the gig. According to Amy Sherman-Palladino, if the scheduling can be worked out, Antonio's paler half — who was recently sidelined with a broken foot — is game to appear on the show either this season or next. "We logistically haven't found the time when she's in town, out of a cast, and available for an episode," Amy told me. "She's interested and all parties are go. It's a story line we won't do unless we have Melanie Griffith. It's for her." I thought about telling Ms. Sherman-Palladino about all the anti-Melanie sentiment pouring into Ask Ausiello in recent weeks, but I just didn't have the heart. She's read more

Question: Thank you for ...

Question: Thank you for jumping on the Deadwood bandwagon!! I love this show! I have the first season DVD if you want to get caught up. I'll come to your place. What was that password again? — Leanne

Ausiello: It hasn't changed, Leanne. It's still, "Someone call security! There's a stalker in the lobby!"

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Question: Where is Lane's dad ...

Question: Where is Lane's dad on Gilmore Girls? Is he around and not seen, or did I miss an episode in which they discussed his present whereabouts? — Lyra

Ausiello: From Amy Sherman-Palladino: "We referred to Lane's dad in the first and second seasons, and then we treated Lane like she had no dad. And every now and then we ask ourselves, 'Are we ever going to see Lane's dad?' We talk about having a scene where there's this room in the back of the house and [Mrs. Kim] walks in and there's a little man with a cup of tea — and that's Lane's dad."

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Question: What can you tell ...

Question: What can you tell me about Rory's big crisis (Ask Ausiello 3/2)? — Sophie

Ausiello: I have to save the details for the upcoming cover story (!!!!), but let me once again assure everyone that Rory is not going to get pregnant.

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Question: You're saying that ...

Question: You're saying that the big Lost death will take place "way before" the season finale, but your good friend Kristin at E! Online says the complete opposite, that it will be in the season finale. One of you isn't as in-the-know as you think. Which one is it? — Rob

Ausiello: Did you ever think that maybe we're both wrong, Mr. Smarty Pants? Huh? Didn't think so. Speaking of Lost, as you may have heard the season finale will be a two-parter, with the second part being 90 minutes long.

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Question: You oughtta ask the ...

Question: You oughtta ask the Gilmore Girls producers to let you bend the fourth wall in "an homage to Cameo Guest Stars Everywhere!" You could just kind of look into the camera over somebody's shoulder and wink. Think of all your fans out there who would tune in just to see that moment! — Tim

Ausiello: Are you sitting down, Timothy? Because not only did yours truly bend said fourth wall, he kicked it down completely — and all without anyone noticing. As a treat to all of my loyal Ask Ausiello readers around the globe, I smuggled a very special friend into the Dragonfly and placed him smack on the bookshelf behind me. I suggest you record the episode and play it back frame by frame, because he's just small enough to miss.

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Question: Got any new news ...

Question: Got any new news about Alias? — Malin

Ausiello: As a matter of fact, I do! Jennifer Garner has just inked a deal to direct an episode during May sweeps. Plus...

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Question: So, will Lorelai ...

Question: So, will Lorelai and Emily ever speak to each other again before the season ends? — Janette

Ausiello: They sure will, although their exchanges will be far from pleasant. Lorelai will even return for a special Friday-night dinner attended by Logan. How do I know this, you ask? Because after I wrapped my guest stint, Amy personally invited me to sit in on a table read for this episode — only the second time she has allowed a journalist this far inside the process. To say the experience ranked among the most exciting 45 minutes of my life is an understatement. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. The biggest laughs were generated by Kelly Bishop (Emily) and Edward Hermann (Richard), who, being the pros that they are, nailed every single one of their line readings as if they had had the script for a month. And they weren't even there in the flesh. Both were teleconferenced in — Kelly from her home in New Jersey and a vacationing Edward read more

Question: I have a question ...

Question: I have a question for Lauren Graham. There are tons of pop-culture references on this show (not all of them favorable), and I was wondering if she ever had to dis something or someone she was actually a fan of? — Ashley

Ausiello: From Ms. Graham: "Yes, and I've stood up against things. There was something about Winona Ryder [that I wouldn't say]. I don't like making fun of other actors. And then there was a SARS joke that I didn't want to do, because people were dying at the time." OK, enough Gilmore Girls questions. Doesn't anyone want to talk about Lost?

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Question: So, what dirt did ...

Question: So, what dirt did you get while on the Gilmore Girls set? — Lauren

Ausiello: Although I kinda have to save most of the juicy stuff for my upcoming cover story (!!!!!), rest assured, I'll be sprinkling little scoops and anecdotes in Ask Ausiello in the weeks leading up to said cover story (!!!!). And of course, I'll be providing you with answers to some of those GG queries you bombarded me with last week. But I have to spread this stuff out a little. Because, as some readers have pointed out, this column is called Ask Ausiello, not Ask Ausiello about Gilmore Girls and Keri Russell.

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