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Question: Are you sure CSI ...

Question: Are you sure CSI isn't planning to kill Grissom off in the season finale (Ask Ausiello 3/23)? I saw the dude who plays the show's coroner on The Early Show and he said that Quentin Tarantino will be directing the episode and they are calling it "Kill Gil" on the set. — Stephanie

Ausiello: Unless Carol Mendelsohn lied to me when she recently said, "We have no intention of killing Gil," I'm fairly certain William Petersen is out of harm's way. Besides, that whole "Kill Gil" thing was just a joke. Get it? Kill Bill. Kill Gil. Oh, forget it.

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Question: In last week's ...

Question: In last week's column, you referred to Oz's Lee Tergesen as Denis Leary's replacement on Rescue Me. Did I miss something? Are they really replacing Denis Leary? Please say it isn't so. — Diane

Ausiello: It isn't so! As I stated before, Denis... Oh, just click here for my previous explanation. Speaking of Rescue Me, a little birdie told me that a major character will get whacked in the opening moments of the second season premiere, airing in mid June.

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Question: Is it Tim Matheson? ...

Question: Is it Tim Matheson? He has one Emmy nomination for guest-starring on The West Wing. — Amy

Ausiello: Nope.

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Question: Did Joss Whedon say ...

Question: Did Joss Whedon say anything about reviving Angel as a movie-of-the-week? — Chris

Ausiello: Yeah, but it seems that ship has sailed. These days, he's all about the Spikester. "The thing is, David Boreanaz has kind of gone to a new place," Whedon said. "He did the series for five years and the character for a couple of years before that [on Buffy], and the thing about a Spike movie that's different is, well, it's different. In the same way Angel was different than Buffy as a show because of the characters, Spike would be different as a subject and that's what makes it fresh. I don't want to try to recapture the essence of something that I've already done. I want to put a new spin on it."

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Question: What "critic" uses ...

Question: What "critic" uses a word like "scooplicious"? For that matter, which critics are actually raving about your column? I want names. — Stephanie

Ausiello: Aunt Joan, David Ausiello, Grandma B., Pete Ausiello, Angel Cohn... Want me to stop there, Steph? 'Cause I can go on.

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Question: Any word on Zach ...

Question: Any word on Zach Braff's Arrested Development role, other than that it airs April 10? Has Bill Lawrence managed to get Jason Bateman over in the swap he wanted, and what's all this about a JD-Carla kiss? Are they insane? — Rach

Ausiello: Lemme take this question piece by piece: A) He plays Phillip Litt, a parody of the Girls Gone Wild creator. B) Not that I know of. C) They're drunk at the time, so it's no biggie. Unless your name is Turk.

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Question: Any news on whether ...

Question: Any news on whether Noah Wyle will be returning to ER next season? — Marie

Ausiello: Yes, after six months of extreme waffling and fence-straddling, Wyle has finally made a decision. Unfortunately, I have to refer you to the aforementioned issue of TV Guide magazine (with Gilmore Girls on the cover) for the big reveal. Sorry to be such a tease, Marie.

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Question: With so many to ...

Question: With so many to choose from, how did you decide which Smurf to bring to the set of Gilmore Girls? — Steven

Ausiello: They drew straws and Bashful won. (That was him on the phone earlier.)

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Question: Do you think famous ...

Question: Do you think famous people read your column? — Dionne

Ausiello: There's only one way to find out: If you're famous and reading this column, please identify yourself via the feedback box at the bottom of this page. And don't worry, your membership in AA will not be made public if you so request. Unless, of course, you're really famous, in which case all bets are off.

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Question: Is it possible that ...

Question: Is it possible that Lena Olin might stick around beyond next month's finale (Ask Ausiello 3/23)? — Henry

Ausiello: That's entirely up to oh-so-very-fickle Lena Olin. As of now, she's only committed to doing the season finale.

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