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Question: Your Rob Thomas ...

Question: Your Rob Thomas interview was great. Spoiler-y and enlightening — just what I like in your columns. Now how about that scoop on the Veronica DVD? — Tracy

Ausiello: OK, which do you want first — the good news, the bad news or the really bad news? The good news? OK. Warner Bros. is putting out Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season. Now for the bad news: It drops Oct. 11 — three weeks after Season 2 debuts. And now for the really bad news: The extras kinda-sorta blow. In addition to the never-before-seen alternate pilot, all you'll get are some deleted scenes and bloopers. So why is a cool show like Mars being so cheap on the bonus features? Allow exec producer Rob Thomas — aka The Coolest TV Producer on the Planet (Next to J.J. Abrams) — to explain:

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Question: Do you have any ...

Question: Do you have any spoilers for the season premiere of Gilmore Girls? — Rebecca

Ausiello: Yes! In yet another worldwide Ask Ausiello exclusive, exec producer Amy Sherman-Palladino has released the first official Gilmore Girls spoiler of the new fall season: "Rory faces her new life away from Yale, away from Lorelai, and living with the Gilmores. And Luke answers Lorelai's proposal." Granted, that was a very loose interpretation of the word spoiler, but what do you expect for early June?

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Question: I had surgery a ...

Question: I had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and while I was lying in my bed immobilized, high on pain pills and generally bored out of my skull, I asked my sister to read me some snippets from my favorite websites. Once she got to Ask Ausiello, I had to tell her to stop — the laughing was hurting me. Thank you for making me feel better, while simultaneously causing me pain. — Ilana

Ausiello: If I had a nickel every time someone said they were high while reading AA, I'd have, like, um, 27 nickels by now.

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Question: Got any scoop on ...

Question: Got any scoop on who's going to replace Sasha Alexander on NCIS? — Bec

Ausiello: Exec producer Donald Bellisario is apparently still scouring Europe and Australia for NuKate. Speaking of which, Bellisario is denying buzz that his former leading lady has been instructed not to talk to the media about her departure from the show (Ask Ausiello 6/22). "She was under orders not to discuss it until [after] the show aired — for obvious reasons," he told my colleague, Mary Murphy. "As far as I'm concerned, she can say anything she wants. She's been in Europe ever since we finished, pursuing her personal life, which is what she wanted." (He's not bitter, though.)

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Question: As a USC alumni, ...

Question: As a USC alumni, what would be an ideal gift from the USC store? — Denise

Ausiello: You're under no obligation to get it for me, but I'd love to get my hands on the Nike USC Trojans Gold Local III T-shirt, which retails for $18 and can be purchased by clicking here.

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Question: Will Nip/Tuck fans ...

Question: Will Nip/Tuck fans ever see Ava Moore (aka Famke Janssen) again? — Vincent

Ausiello: If the scheduling can be worked out, Ava/Famke will be back for at least two episodes in Season 3.

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Question: So where's this SVU ...

Question: So where's this SVU preview you promised us? — Kitty

Ausiello: It's right here, Kitty: Next season's eighth episode (airing in November) features a guest turn by Desperate Housewives co-star Cody Kasch (Zach/Dana) as a white supremacist who is recruiting teens. Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden also appears. Oh, and (SPOILER ALERT — more space) a major SVU player gets shot in the episode. (Hint: It's not Mariska.)

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Question: Any update on when ...

Question: Any update on when Curb Your Enthusiasm will start its new season? — Brandi

Ausiello: I've finally got some news on the Curb front. HBO will be announcing (any day now) that Larry David and Co. will be back with new episodes this fall — not early '06 as had been feared (Ask Ausiello 5/18). Phew.

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Question: Reading your column ...

Question: Reading your column is the highlight of my week. How sad is that? — Melissa

Ausiello: Don't be so hard on yourself, Missy. It's not like you said TV Tech.

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Question: I am sending you, ...

Question: I am sending you, like, my 100th e-mail. I love your column, but I would love it more if you would answer me this about Alias: When is Season 4 getting released on DVD? — Phillip

Ausiello: Actually, it was your 32nd e-mail. Alias: The Complete Fourth Season streets in early October.

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