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Question: Did Weezer perform ...

Question: Did Weezer perform "Buddy Holly" on a Happy Days episode? It was in Arnold's restaurant and they were dressed in '50's attire. Fonzie did a cossack-style dance solo, etc. I am trying to get this performance on video, but need help in locating a copy or source. Thank you. — Randy C., Kingman, Ariz.

Televisionary: As kids, the members of Weezer may well have watched the Happy Days episodes that were intercut with footage of the band playing "Buddy Holly," Randy, but they were definitely too young to have actually performed on the show. (The birth years for Rivers Cuomo and crew range from 1965-70; the show was on the air from 1974-84). In fact, when that video was released in 1995, the band was only in existence for three years or so.

The video, directed by Spike Jonze, was shot on the original Arnold's set and former Happy Days cast member Al Molinaro, who played Arnold's owner Al Delvecchio, made a read more

Question: I may be completely ...

Question: I may be completely wrong, but I thought on the last episode of Quincy they revealed his first name. Is that true and, if so, what was his first name on the show? — Rob, Sheffield, Mass.

Televisionary: Nope, it's not. Matter of fact the first name of Quincy (The Odd Couple's Jack Klugman) — the medical examiner who first appeared on The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie before launching the Quincy, M.E. series on its 1976-83 run — remains, appropriately enough, a mystery. The only clue ever given appeared in the Feb. 3, 1978 episode "Accomplice to Murder." In it, a glimpse of Quincy's business card revealed his first initial was R.

And I firmly believe, based purely on anecdotal evidence, that if the name wasn't revealed, it's because Klugman wanted it that way. After all, many a person who worked on the show — and several who found themselves off it because they butted heads with the star — can tell you abo read more

Question: Despite the fact ...

Question: Despite the fact that serials like Roots and Lonesome Dove can be bought for a song these days, James Clavell's Shogun is only available on VHS and costs hundreds of dollars. Are there any plans for an affordable Shogun on DVD? — Pat B., Downey, Cal.

Televisionary: Boy, you guys have great timing. Paramount Home Video's releasing a five-disc DVD set of the entire mini-series, with director commentary and other add-ons thrown in, on Sept. 23 for $79.99. (And searching online, I was able to find it for $55.99, so look around.)

read more

Question: I have listened to ...

Question: I have listened to the Here Come the Brides theme song several times, and it sounds to me like they're saying, "Boys'll stand around and stare," which isn't much better than the version you found. Pine-scented air and staring men don't seem to have much to do with one another, unless those are the points being touted to tempt the "brides" into coming to Seattle. Being ogled by a bunch of strange men isn't high on my list, but then again, I'm not a 19th-century miss looking for a husband.

On a Bobby Sherman website, the lyrics from the version he cut are listed as, "Never knew a day so fair." Maybe he thought the original lyrics were lame, too. — Melinda, Rock Valley, Iowa

Televisionary: Perhaps, but you wouldn't believe how many people weighed in with their take on that line after I admitted I couldn't decipher it and asked for help in last week's column. I got several variations of yours ("boys, don't stand around and stare," etc.) and j read more

Question: I could have sworn ...

Question: I could have sworn there was a Saturday-morning cartoon based on Punky Brewster. I think I remember her dog being able to talk on the show. Nobody I ask believes that it ever came on. I know I was probably only about 5 when it would have been on the air, but I don't think my imagination was that wild. Please tell me I'm not crazy. — Ren&#233 E., Beckley, W.V.

Televisionary: Well, it depends, Ren&#233: the dog wasn't talking to you, right? If not, I'm betting you're otherwise okay, since It's Punky Brewster was indeed an NBC Saturday-morning cartoon from 1985-89.

In it, the irrepressible Punky, whose own live-action Sunday-night show ran from 1984-86, lived in a world very similar to that of her evening series. Well, except for her super-powered friend Glomer, who whisked her away to other realms and planes of existence. And while such things would rend the fabric of an adult mind, they didn't shake Punky much. I mean, what's read more

Question: Which episode was ...

Question: Which episode was Ian Thorpe, the Australian swimmer, in? — Liane R., Sydney, Australia

Televisionary: Jeez, Liane — you can't even tell me the name of the show you're asking about? Challenge me, why don't you? Well, I think I can help you anyway. I assume the series is Friends, because the Season Seven episode "The One with Ross's Library Book," which debuted Nov. 16, 2000, featured the Thorpedo as an extra in a Central Perk scene.

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Will Ben and J.Lo Give in to Temptation?

As their eagerly-anticipated wedding approaches, we can't help but think that media mainstays Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would benefit from some prenup counseling. And where better for a couple on the verge to go over the edge than on national television, right? That's why we're dying — dying! — for the soon-to-be marrieds to drop in on Mark L. Walberg and turn Temptation Island into Fantasy Island.

"There is no question in my mind that that would be a very watchable television show," the reality host tells TV Guide Online, adding with a laugh, "Bookable is another story."

On the flip side, Walberg suggests that, after seeing the Gigli co-stars smile from the covers of hundreds of magazine and walk a thousand red carpets, their public may not be ready to hear them air their true confessions. "I don't know if I would be as interested," he says, "in seeing celebrities sit there and whine abou read more


Spike TV has rescued a capsizing Shipmates. The male-oriented cabler has ordered new episodes of the dating show, which was slated to end its two-season syndication run this week, Variety reports. The new episodes will debut in early 2004. read more


Fox has ordered an untitled drama pilot for fall 2004 about a team of doctors who solve complicated medical mysteries. What do you wanna bet the pitch went something like this: "It's ER meets The X-Files!" read more

Camryn Manheim's New Practice

Crazy news hit fans of The Practice in May: The David E. Kelley legal drama returns this fall sans six pink-slipped castmembers — Dylan McDermott, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kelli Williams, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Chyler Leigh and Marla Sokoloff. Whoa! Basically, that leaves Camryn Manheim — who plays plus-sized litigator Ellenor Frutt — as the show's de facto leading lady. How does she feel about that?

"I didn't think of it like that," grins Manheim, 42. "It's incredibly bittersweet. The sweet part is, I still have a job and I am really grateful for that. I love the show and I'll stay with it 'til the end of time. The bitter part is that the people that I've grown to know and love and who became my family are no longer with us. You can't have one emotion without the other.

"I will miss working with them on a daily basis," she continues. "Now that we really are such close friends, I w read more

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