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Survivor: All Star's reigning diva, Jerri Manthey, became the ninth MVP to get her torch snuffed last night. An 11th-hour threat made by Boston Rob — in which he urged his rival tribemates to spare his gal-pal, Amber — sealed Manthey's fate. If you have questions for Jer, send them to me via the link at the bottom of this page and I'll forward them to my colleague, Angel Cohn, who will be speaking to her this afternoon. read more

FriendsYes, it's another rerun,...

Friends Yes, it's another rerun, but it's the No. 2 favorite episode, with "The Kiss." Sure, the Ross-Rachel liplock was one of the most hyped smooches since Dave and Maddie, Sam and Diane, and Roseanne Barr and Mariel Hemingway, but I like this installment for another reason — Rachel's drunken "I'm over you" phone message (c'mon, we've all been there at least once, bottle of Chardonnay notwithstanding), which she leaves on Ross's answering machine during a dismal date with a poor guy named Michael (the much-underused Ayre Gross) and elicits one of my favorite bits of dialogue: "You're over me? When were you under me?" Those few choice words combined with Rachel's desperate scamper across the room to pounce onto Ross's back to keep him from hearing said message makes for a classic comedic moment in my book.

Survivor: All-Stars In this season's most boring episode yet (even the clip show was more compelling), read more


The one-hour Friends finale will be available on DVD May 11 — five days after it airs on NBC, the New York Post reports. I think I'll just watch it for free. read more


CBS will pair new seasons of Big Brother and The Amazing Race on Tuesday nights this summer, beginning July 6. Brother will also air on Thursday and Saturday. read more


Married...With Children's Ed O'Neill has been cast in an untitled comedy pilot for ABC that stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as an on-air reporter for a sports TV show. O'Neill will play the program's executive producer, who moonlights as a shoe salesman. read more

Fallen Idol Matt Rogers

During last week's country-themed episode of American Idol, jolly giant Matt Rogers put his heart on the line, crooning the Lonestar ballad "Amazed." A day later, viewers gave him the cowboy boot right off the show. "Amazing!" you say? We agree. So TV Guide Online rang up the former University of Washington Huskies lineman to get his reaction to being sacked.

TV Guide Online: A man's man like yourself warbling a love song seemed like a surefire way to win over the female audience, yet here we are, doing your exit interview. Do you feel betrayed by the women of America?
Matt Rogers:
I feel like the women of America turned their back on me. I'm very disappointed. And the funny thing is, it seems like I have more fans now than I did when I was on the show. Where were you guys a week ago? Jeez!

TVGO: It's always seemed cruel and unusual to me that the show makes the newly eliminated contestant sing the song that got them eliminated bef read more

Joel Siegel, the Ultimate Survivor

There's no telling how many cancer patients have been inspired to carry on by Good Morning America movie critic Joel Siegel's epic, public battles with the disease. Nonetheless, when he recently was given the Gilda Radner Courage Award, "I said right up front in my little [acceptance] speech, 'I don't think I did anything courageous. I was diagnosed with cancer, and I did what the doctors told me'," the 60-year-old explains to TV Guide Online. "It's like if you're being held hostage and a guy puts a gun to your head and says, 'If you move, I'll shoot,' and you don't move, you're not being courageous." We beg to differ, so we asked the genial cineast to share his story.

TV Guide Online: You had both colon and lung cancer — that's quite a one-two punch. What kept you in the fight?
Joel Siegel:
It's hard to talk about this stuff and not sound like a Hallmark card. There was a whole series of coincidences. I was diagnosed with cancer two weeks to read more


The famous Siegfried and Roy marquee — a Las Vegas landmark for the past 14 years — was taken down Wednesday morning. The move came six months after illusionist Roy Horn was nearly mauled to death by one of his white tigers and 10 years after my brother Dave and I saw the show for the first time during a family trip to Sin City. read more


Martha Stewart's lawyers filed a motion Wednesday seeking a new trial on the grounds that one of the jurors lied about his criminal record... CBS has axed its low-rated futuristic legal drama, Century City, after just three weeks. The Guardian reclaims its Tuesday 9 pm timeslot next week... Save the date: Next year's 77th Annual Academy Awards will once again take place on the last Sunday of February — Feb. 27 to be exact... Sarah Jessica Parker will receive a Fashion Icon award at the 2004 Council of Fashion Designers Awards on June 7 in New York... Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, welcomed their fourth child — son Romeo — on Monday. read more

Julia Stiles Gets the Royal Treatment

In her new film, The Prince & Me (opening Friday), Julia Stiles plays a normal college student whose life becomes a fairy tale when she meets and falls in love with a real, honest-to-goodness Prince Charming. Given that actors are pretty much treated like royalty, the gig couldn't have been much of a stretch, right? Wrong.

"I don't think that actors are like American royalty," says the 23-year-old actress, who juggles life in the spotlight with her role as a Columbia University senior. "I really think there is a difference. Prince Charles has an equerry who knows what he is going to be doing [every] minute for the next two years of his life. For me, I made the choice to become an actor, whereas with royalty you are born into it and you have no choice."

Well, Stiles may not be a princess, but she's the closest thing Columbia has to a queen. "Whenever I had to do something movie-related or press-related while I was living in the dorm that wa read more

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