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"I told him I could whittle him a set of teeth that would fool practically anyone. Same brown color as real teeth and everything!" That's multitalented Dixie, star of Dixie's Tupperware Party, the L.A. cult phenom that's coming to the way off-Broadway stage this Saturday as part of the New York International Fringe Festival — just in time for the Republican National Convention! read more

Seth Green: Animated Guy

Seth Green is best known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer's werewolf Oz and Dr. Evil's son in the Austin Powers movies. But he's thrilled to be reprising his role as dimwitted teenager Chris Griffin on the short-lived (but much-loved) Family Guy. After abruptly canceling it a few years back, Fox has decided to resurrect the animated comedy series. New episodes start in 2005, but to catch you up, a mini-marathon of old episodes will air on Aug. 18 and 25 at 8 pm/ET. Green's glad the cartoon is getting a second life.

"We've already done like six episodes," Green says excitedly. "It is directly as a result of the fan support because everybody bought the DVDs. It is the only time a corporation like Fox had to say, 'Maybe we didn't understand this show, but it is undeniable that it is popular and it makes money.'"

Since he's heading back into the world of cartoon characters, will he also do the upcoming animated version of Buffy? "Nobody read more


Saturday's autopsy of funk-lovin' Rick James failed to determine the cause of his death. However, the "Super Freak" singer's children have come forward and said through a spokesperson that they think he died of heart failure. While we're being maudlin, we should also mention that the family of film editor Geraldine Peroni is contesting the medical examiner's finding that she committed suicide. Peroni, who passed away on Tuesday at home in New York, had worked on eight movies with Robert Altman, among them The Player, for which she was Oscar-nominated. read more

Scott Wolf: Life After Bailey

If you're an Everwood fan, you've probably heard that Party of Five's Scott Wolf is joining the cast this fall as Dr. Jake Hartman, a hotshot physician who makes a play for Dr. Brown's (Treat Williams) clients. Well, before you could say, "You're a thief and a liar and a drunk!" TV Guide Online rang up the artist forever immortalized as Bailey to get the scoop on his Everwood character, married life and those baby rumors that started, well, just this second!
TV Guide Online: Congrats on the new gig. What have they told you about the character?
Scott Wolf:
Not a ton. I do know that I'm going to be playing a doctor who comes to town and sets up shop in the now-abandoned medical practice across the way. The tension that got relieved by [Abbott and Andy] partnering up takes a new shape when this new guy comes to town and starts to draw a bunch of their business away.

TVGO: It's those dimples — they're hypnotic!
read more


HBO has signed Sex and the City star Kristin Davis to a seven-figure development deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That means the pretty Maybelline spokeslady, who spent six years on Sex, will sit back and get paid while the pay cabler finds her a new comedy to star in. Nice work if you can get it. read more

Jimmy Kimmel Rocks After Dark

Competing with late-night TV's heavyweights is no mean feat, but wise guy Jimmy Kimmel is giving it his all. Here, ABC's midnight talker tells TV Guide Online his big plans for more musical guests, his revamped concert stage and why all his guests should maintain their hygiene.

TV Guide Online: Tonight, you're bringing back your show's outdoor concert stage. Why did it disappear?
Jimmy Kimmel:
We lost it for a while because it was too expensive to do, but I'm happy it's back. It's something that sets us apart from the other celebrity chat shows. It should be good; we've got Lenny Kravitz performing.

TVGO: Any downside to having bands on the show?
Well, we ask all our guests to bathe before they come on, and with bands, they only do it about 50 percent of the time. We had Slipknot on the other night — sounded good, didn't smell good.

TVGO: Who have been some of the past musical acts you liked?
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Where were you after 9 pm/PT last Wednesday? Police have confirmed that sometime that night, Paris and Nikki Hilton's Hollywood home was burglarized. Among the items stolen were jewelry, watches, a laptop and enough peroxide to bleach a woolly mammoth. read more


Although Tom Cruise's new thriller, Collateral, took the top spot at the box office this weekend, it did so with a measly haul of $24.4 million. By contrast, the shark-infested indie Open Water made a cool $1 million playing in only 47 theaters. (Maybe now some savvy studio chief will smell money in the water and greenlight Meg, that long-in-the-works feature based on Steve Alten's best-seller about a prehistoric great white.) Trailing Collateral in the top five were: The Village ($16.6 million), The Bourne Supremacy ($14.1 million), The Manchurian Candidate ($10.8 million) and a flick we like to call the final nail in the coffin of Brittany Murphy's career a read more


Hurrah! Beverly Hills, 90210 star Shannen Doherty is joining the cast of Fox's nighttime sudser, North Shore. She'll play Alexandra Hudson, the bitchy long-lost sister of Nicole (Brooke Burns). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Doherty's signed on for a three-episode arc, with an option to become a series regular. Perhaps they're hoping the former Charmed sorceress will cast a Locklearian spell on North Shore's less-than-impressive ratings? "The comparison to Heather has been brought up to me," Doherty said. "It's great. I'm lucky because I have a really loyal fan base, and I hope they come over." read more


Not only did Christian Slater miss the Edinburgh, Scotland, stage premiere of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Friday due to chicken pox, but an additional three performances have been called off to give him time to get well. (Since the mini-Jack Nicholson developed a secondary infection, docs feared it would develop into pneumonia if he didn't take it easy.) The play is scheduled to move to London's West End next month. read more

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