Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw has returned to the streets of New York City — and so has her unique fashion sense.

Sarah Jessica Parker shot several scenes for the upcoming Sex and the City sequel this week in some rather eclectic gear that has everyone talking.

In the photo on the left, Carrie wears her most trendy-but-comfy outfit suitable for travel. (Who doesn't pair pearls with oversized, inside-out, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts for the plane ride?) It kind of looks like she's the ghost of Flashdance past with that white get-up and curly perm. Does anyone else sense a flashback of Carrie's big move to NYC?

In the photo on the right, Carrie channels another fashion era gone by: the 1970s disco age. The fictional columnist dons a shimmery purple-and-silver pleated mini-dress with bright orange shades that look like they came straight off the Boogie Nights set. We love the Christian Louboutin T-Strap shoes, but what happened to Carrie's Manolo obsession?

What do you think of Carrie's wardrobe thus far?