Sex and the City

Based on Carrie's Flashdance number last week, we had a sneaking suspicion that Sex and the City 2 contains a flashback scene. And by the looks of this picture, we were right — unless Patricia Field has totally lost her mind).

Samantha (Kim Cattrall, left) was apparently a punk in the '80s, as she is wearing snakeskin pants, a neon leopard-print top and a studded denim jacket. The teased perm and Walkman on her hip complete the look.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker, center) is "Like a Virgin"-era Madonna in a tutu, lace leggings, basque and a flannel vest. Oh, how we miss those yards of pearls and enormous bows!

Charlotte (Kristin Davis, right) is, of course, a preppy — not exactly a dramatic departure from her current look. She's head to toe in pink and green (the skirt is a crab print). All she needs is a racquet and she'll be set to hit the courts. 

What do you think of the SATC 2 retro fashion?