Fatma and Vanessa modeling Mitchell and Ra'mon-Lawrence's designs

This week on Project Runway, teams of two were tasked with creating a fashionable, surf-inspired look and a coordinating avant-garde design.

Watch Chris March's Runway Rundown to get a his take on this week's episode:

While we give Ra'mon credit for carrying his team, how he won with a hand-dyed, neoprene mini-dress that took him three minutes to make is beyond us. We get that avant-garde looks are supposed to be out-there, but Ra'mon's dress was more jarring than seeing Tim Gunn in flip-flops. If anyone should have won, it should have been Johnny and Irina with their macramé swimsuit and dress.

Qristyl and Epperson lost with an ill-fitting brown bathing suit (the model's butt was hanging out) and a green-and-white print dress. Their looks definitely weren't great, but were they worse than Nicolas' stripper-lace ensemble?

Alas, neither are sent home, because in a Project Runway first, Mitchell — from the winning team — is sent home for generally being worthless.

What did you think of the winning and losing looks?