Irina's design modeled by Kalyn, Johnny's design modeled by Emarie

On this week's Project Runway, the designers had to create outfits out of newspaper.

See what Chris March had to say about the drama and designs of this week's episode:

Tim was exceptionally cranky this week, tearing into Johnny's "kindergarten" design. In response, the ethics-free recovering meth addict scrapped the dress and started over, but then lied to the judges and said his first design was ruined by a steaming accident.

In better news, it came as no shock that Irina's couture-quality trench coat (complete with faux fur, pockets and belt loops) won. Althea's use of repeated patterns was stunning and Christopher's mock feather gown received a lot of praise as well.

Needless to say, Johnny landed in the bottom, along with Nicolas' spiky, insect-like look and Gordana's workaday dress. But liars never win, so the judges auf'd Johnny.

What did you think of the judges' decisions?