Shawn Johnson

More than ever now, Shawn Johnson's focus is on Dancing with the Stars and more importantly, just dancing. After weathering critique for her style-over-substance Lindy Hop, Johnson showed her Olympic mettle, rising to the occasion with a lyrical Viennese waltz. See what else the 17-year-old had to say about her comeback, David Alan Grier's elimination and what has her completely terrified. What did you think of your Viennese waltz?
Shawn Johnson:
I felt pretty good about the waltz. I had worked really hard all week to come back from our Lindy Hop, which the judges didn't enjoy as much as we thought they would. Did you feel pressure to do well after their comments about your Lindy Hop?
I felt like there was a little more pressure because I was so excited to show them what we had [only to] be disappointed to find out they didn't enjoy it. With the waltz, I felt like it was a second chance to entertain them again. I know I made a few mistakes, but I thought it was a great comeback from what had happened. Was it easier to learn the Viennese waltz having already done the waltz?
Not at all. This dance seemed to be the hardest one yet and it was the hardest to learn. It is a slow and elegant dance like the first one, but seemed to have a lot more footwork and details that had to be addressed, which made the dance so much more challenging for me. After their comments about having too many gymnastic tricks in your hop, are you wary of incorporating them in future dances?
Johnson: After the Lindy Hop, I feel like we are going to be keeping the gymnastics to a minimum and the dance to a max. The Lindy Hop gave us a chance to remind everybody who the real Shawn Johnson is and where I came from, but from now on it's all dancing and not much else. Chelsie has slipped on her dress and Melissa stepped on her dress this week. Are you worried the same thing might happen to you?
Johnson: Mark designs all of my dresses and so far — cross your fingers — things have gone good, so I believe whatever he designs is great. I thought you looked really at-ease in heels this week. Are you finally comfortable with them now? 
Johnson: [Laughs] I'm slowly getting better with the heels every week. I started out being so shaky and scared on them, but now I am able to make it through a dance without falling over! I still get caught walking around the set barefoot all the time. But at the end of the day it seems like Mark always gets me back in the killer heels. A lot of people seemed upset and near tears when David Alan Grier left. Were you surprised by his elimination?
Johnson: I was very surprised. He was such a nice guy and knew how to entertain the entire cast. Everybody would smile when he entered a room and nobody wanted to see him leave, so everybody was sad this week. Gilles has said he and Steve-O are taping some behind-the-scenes videos. Have you participated?
Johnson: I don't know [much about that]. I haven't really seen anything yet! What's your next dance?
Johnson: Our next dance is the rumba and I don't know anything except that it's the most romantic and sensual dance, and I'm only 17 so I'm scared to death!