Al Sharpton

While being interviewed by for his upcoming MyNetworkTV special Shaken Not Stirred The Reverend Al Sharpton revealed that he had previously turned down a chance to be on Dancing with the Stars due to the election and his activist work, but that next season he would be ready and willing to waltz into the show.

That’s right, The Rev, who may now become known to America as "The Reverend Twinkle Toes" (hey, he has a sense of humor!), let us know exclusively that once the election is over, he would love an opportunity to dance with the likes of Julianne Hough, Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer.

The Reverend said, "I turned down Dancing with the Stars last season because I was committed to do voter registration ...this is a very important election. So, I may do it next season. You're the first one I'm telling this to ...if they offer again I may do it." Did you hear that powers-that-be at DWTS?

Do you think The Reverend would make an excellent addition to the new season of Dancing with the Stars? Who should he be paired with?