Melissa Rycroft

Despite Melissa Rycroft's newfound fame and super-charged smile on Dancing with the Stars, the former Bachelor contestant still has days when she struggles after her split from ex-fiancé Jason Mesnick.

"I go through stages," Rycroft told People. "I will shut down and lock myself in my room. And then I'll get to the point where I can't be by myself and I have to be around other people all the time. Otherwise I'll drive myself nuts crying. I cry it out. Then one day I wake up and go, I'm okay."

The 26-year-old Dallas native also opened up about how surreal it has been to become a household name so quickly. She said complete strangers, include American Idol judge Randy Jackson, have given her hugs for support. The two met on the lot shared by Idol and DWTS.

"Just three months ago I was on the other side," Rycroft said. "I am so not a celebrity."