Gilles Marini

Dancing with the Stars finalist Gilles Marini may next go dancing in the sheets, with a recurring role on ABC's Brothers & Sisters.

"They're talking to me about it, and it's very close to being possible," the Frenchman tells

Marini cannot divulge much about the role he's eyeing until the deal is done — an ABC rep, in fact, maintains that he has not been cast on Brothers & Sisters — but suffice it to say that he would be a love interest to one of the regular characters.  

Surveying the possible gig, Marini professes to "love" Brothers & Sisters, saying, "It's very dramatic and very good when it comes to acting. I think it would take me to different places."

Should the role come to pass, Marini sees it as his way of thanking ABC and Dancing with the Stars for giving him a profile larger than, say, "the naked guy from Sex and the City."

"I'll be happy for that, that's for sure," he says. "They're on hiatus now, but we'll see very soon."

Who would you like to see Marini paired with on Brothers & Sisters? Sarah? Kevin? Holly? Saul? Speculate away in comments!