Julianne Hough, Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars' Julianne Hough is "ok" after being hospitalized for stomach pains following Tuesday evening's broadcast, she wrote on her Fancast blog.

The two-time champ shared that she had been experiencing stomach cramps all day, but toughed it out for the live show, which included a high-energy encore performance of her jitterbug with partner Cody Linley.

"I don’t know if anyone could see my face during the show, but I was trying so hard to put a smile on," she wrote. "I was in so much pain. Afterward, I went backstage and curled up in a ball. That’s when everyone said I needed to go to the hospital [Cedar-Sinai Medical Center]. I didn't collapse as some reports indicated."

The bubbly blonde was diagnosed with a bad stomachache and has since been released, adding that she will "take it easy today."

"With stomach problems, you never know what’s going on," she said. "It could've been appendicitis. It turned out just to be a bad stomach. As my mom said, better safe than sorry."

Hough's ailment is only the latest to plague the Dancing stage. Her pro bro Derek was taken to the hospital earlier this month after hitting his head on the floor, while his partner Brooke Burke sustained a foot injury during camera blocking on Sunday, which clearly didn't affect her too much as they racked up a season-leading 29 points Monday night. Meanwhile, Misty May-Treanor withdrew two weeks ago after rupturing her Achilles tendon, and the season's first casualty, Jeffrey Ross, suffered a cornea abrasion prior to the show's premiere.

Do you think there's a Dancing "curse"?