Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks

If you think Julianne Hough might go easy on Chuck Wicks, her partner on Dancing with the Stars and in life, you're sadly mistaken.

"I might kick him in the butt a little harder than with my other partners!" Hough tells People. "I'm definitely a 'crack the whip' type of person. He was like, 'Wow, you're really tough!' But he says, 'I don't want you to treat me any differently than any of your other partners."

Based on early rehearsals, Wicks, who's only dancing experience is a "mean electric slide," is "actually really good," according to Hough. The two-time Dancing champ admits she was wary about teaming up with her beau, but the country singer convinced her to come on board when he mentioned a potential benefit. "We never get to spend much time together. On the show, we'll be together 24 hours a day," Hough says. "We're a really good team off stage, so I think it will be fun."

The aspiring songstress is also prepared to deal with haters of the pairing, but this season will be all about love — especially since Hough's friend Jewel and her husband, rodeo star, Ty Murray, are also competing. "We'll definitely be rooting for each other," Hough says.