Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough

When Chuck Wicks takes the stage on Dancing with the Stars, viewers may have a little something to laugh about. Judging from her Myspace blog, girlfriend and partner Julianne Hough finds the Country music singer's skills a little amusing. "It has been so much fun and really hilarious to see Chuck try to dance ha ha," she writes.

But Julianne fans needn't worry about them not making it far. "He is actually doing very well," which Hough says surprised her.

The one tough thing the pair has faced, is being able to practice while on tour. "It has been a little challenging trying to find studios that have mirrors and wood floors on the road...I think we actually rehearsed at a theatre on a college campus." But luckily for Julianne, she's got a pretty dedicated partner. "Jerry, Chuck's tour manager, and Chuck are totally dancing on the bus right now!"

Will you be rooting for this dancing duo?

Dancing with the Stars premieres on March 9 at 8 pm/ET on ABC.