Hugh Jackman

Could Wolverine claw his way onto the Dancing parquet?

If Samantha Harris has her way, then yes.

"Hugh Jackman, hands down," Harris tells People when asked to name her ideal Dancing with the Stars contestant. "He's a song and dance man. He's a Broadway guy. He's got charisma and you know he can move."

For his part, Jackman, who won a Tony for his performance in The Boy from Oz, didn't seem to be against the idea after Harris pitched it to him.

"He actually twirled and dipped me. I was so excited," she said. "That made my year."

Jackman may be a tad too busy for the Season 8 incarnation, premiering March 9. The Aussie has been tapped to emcee the Feb. 22 Academy Awards ceremony.

The Season 8 cast list will be announced in coming weeks.

Do you think Jackman should strut his stuff on the Dancing floor?