Denise Richards with Maksim Chmerkovskiy

From Bond girl to bisexual bubbly-chugger, Denise Richards — at least in her film roles — seems game for most anything. Was it a similar sense of adventure that prompted her to go Dancing with the Stars on the new season of ABC's popular reality compeition?

"Everybody that I've talked to that has done it in the past — Brooke [Burke], Lance [Bass], Lisa Rinna — said it was just the best experience they've ever had," Richards tells "Plus, you get in incredible shape."

More importantly, Richards consulted with her two daughters (by ex-husband Charlie Sheen), both of whom happen to be big fans of the one they call "Maksy-Pooh" — aka their mom's pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Recalling her discussion with Sam (almost 5) and Lola (3-1/2), Richards says, "I told Sam that I was nervous, and she said, 'Don't be nervous, Mom! Just take a deep breath.' She was really cute."

"Both of my girls are excited about it," she continues. "Sam wants me to wear a rainbow dress for the first [dance]. I don't know if I'll be doing that, but.... This will be fun for them."

But for how many weeks of "fun" might Richard stick around? The actress is the first to admit that she "is not a dancer," yet she feels confident that her Pilates training will serve her well as she tries to learn mad moves.

"I am flexible and coordinated. That's all I know," she says with a laugh. "Hopefully Maks can bring [the dancer] out of me."

And if he does, might Richards emerge as a "wild thing" on the dance floor? (Sorry, we had to ask.)

"Sure, why not," she says, playing along. "Why not have fun with it?"

Dancing with the Stars premieres its new season on Monday, March 9.