Dancing with the Stars - Mya, Donny Osmond, Kelly Osbourne

After getting dethroned for a few weeks from our Dancing with the Stars power rankings, Mya has reclaimed the top spot with 43 percent of TVGuide.com users' votes. Perhaps it's a sign of good things to come as she heads into Monday's Season 9 finale to vie for the coveted Mirrorball trophy — but you can't count out her competition, Mr. Personality Donny Osmond and the Dancing Cinderella story of the season, Kelly Osbourne.

Dancing's Maks: I'm very happy for Kelly

The final three will face off one last time on Monday with three dances: an unlearned dance, a freestyle number and the Mega Mix. "It's a medley comprised of three different dance styles. We're all on the dance floor together," Mya tells TVGuide.com. "We're all judged and we're all taught the same exact choreography. Obviously Donny does the guy's part. Kelly and I do the female's part. It was choreographed by a professional dancer and Karina Smirnoff."

So what are their strengths and weaknesses? Let's size them up.

For: Impeccable technical precision. As Maksim Chmerkovskiy writes in his TVGuide.com blog, Mya is "pretty flawless." The R&B songstress is the only celeb this season who has netted a perfect score of 30. Time is also on her side. "I don't know if Kelly's traveling, but I know Donny's doing a show in Vegas every night, which is unfair," she says. "I don't have to do that, so that's an advantage. I get to dedicate more time to learning the choreography and polishing the steps."
Needs to work on:
"I have to improve on [working on] less sleep so I can look good!" she says. Mya has received past criticism for not looking the part or getting into character, which she says comes second in her learning process. "I have to learn these dances as quickly as possible so I can get the technique and then I can work on the performance of it," she says. "If I'm lacking technique at this stage or any performance quality, I'm going to be in trouble if I'm solely focused on remembering steps."
Why she might win: Mya is arguably the best dancer left, so if she brings it like she has been the past couple of weeks — sans gimmicks and props — she can win on dance ability alone. Key word being "alone."
Keep an eye out for: A slow number on Tuesday as her repeat dance. "Everything on Monday is fast, so I want to give my body a break," Mya says. And there may be some extra protection for Dmitry Chaplin. "He said that he will buy a cup! I was going to design one with rhinestones for him. Maybe I'll still do that!"

Julianne Hough not returning to Dancing

Entertainment, charm and Osmond Nation in his corner. Osmond has never been in the bottom two and secured a final-three spot despite earning the lowest score in the semifinals. He's also the only star whose partner, Kym Johnson, has been to the final before, so experience is on their side. Plus, Osmond's determined to better sister Marie's third-place finish. "I've tied her. If I do better than her, I'll feel good!" he tells TVGuide.com.
Needs work on: Cutting out the little errors. Osmond, who's simultaneously doing his Las Vegas show during Dancing, has been close to perfection in many numbers, but has a habit of tripping up in small and big ways.
Why he might win: Popularity. Osmond is a better dancer than his sister (sorry, Marie!), and she made it all the way to the final three basically on votes alone, so there's no reason to think why he can't win when he has the skills to back it up.
Keep an eye out for: Even more showmanship. Osmond got some flak earlier in the season for his hamminess, but he says he needs to let it all hang out now that it's crunch time. "I'm not going to tone anything down," he says. "I need to get out there and just perform and give it my all."

Kelly and Louis: Dancing journey is like Miracle on Ice

Heartwarming transformational story arc of a tomboy/recovering drug addict to confident, elegant woman. "I think she came in with a hate base, not a fan base. She was a tomboy, no self-esteem. Not only has she changed people's minds with her personality and her willingness, but also with her dance ability," partner Louis van Amstel tells TVGuide.com. "Life has taken her places where she didn't want to go, but didn't have the strength to say no to it or to find other ways to deal with it. In three months' time, her life has changed around. It has her parents in tears, me in tears, America in tears."
Needs work on: More difficult and more polished technique. While Kelly has undoubtedly improved over the course of the season, compared to her competition, she ranks below them. She has also yet to receive a 10. Can she get one in the final?
Why she might win: People love a feel-good story. Besides, how adorable is it to see Sharon and Ozzy cry tears of joy and pride over their little girl?
Keep an eye out for: A hustle-inspired freestyle to "I Will Survive" (chosen, van Amstel says, for its first two lines) and perhaps a make-out session. "I want to go outside the box and give her a challenge and give Bruno [Tonioli] a run for his money when he said she needs to be way more romantic," he says. "I'm even considering making out on stage. It's the suggestion more than the actual making out. She's sexual and feisty — I went clubbing with her in New York! I've seen that side!"

Who do you think will win Dancing?