Evan Lysacek

Dancing with the Stars runner-up Evan Lysacek says he's not disappointed that he doesn't have a Mirrorball trophy to go with his Olympic gold medal. "Anna [Trebunskaya] and I were completely satisfied with the whole season and what we put into it. We didn't leave anything on the table," he tells TVGuide.com. "We wanted to enjoy it and the most important thing of this season, above any trophy or any one dance, is that we were all a family on that show." There are also no hard feelings between him and judge Len Goodman, who declared Nicole Scherzinger a deserving winner before Lysacek performed. See why he's not upset, what happened during his freestyle rehearsal and if he'll keep dancing.

TVGuide.com: What was going through your mind when Tom announced Nicole as the winner?
Evan Lysacek:
We were happy. We're very proud of what we did and at the same time very proud of Derek [Hough] and Nicole for being the amazing dancers they are. We gave it our best shot. We knew that Nicole and Derek had really been light-years ahead of the rest of us right from the start, but slowly but surely a few couples felt like we caught up to them and could compete with them.

TVGuide.com: A lot of fans thought that Len was rude to say Nicole should win before you performed your last dance. Did you hear that? Were you hurt?
Yeah, but that's OK, though. It's his opinion. I'm not upset. The judges were there the whole season to help us improve and, at least for Erin [Andrews] and Maks [Chmerkovskiy] and Anna and I, we went so far from Day One to where we were at the end that that's what we're really proud of — the improvement that we made more so than what the end result was.

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TVGuide.com: Did his comment throw you off or fire you up?
Lysacek: No, we were relaxed. ... For the last dance, the whole cast was sitting right in the front and were on their feet cheering 10 seconds in. I felt like that was the most important thing of the entire season to me. Anna talked about maybe stopping halfway through the dance and getting everyone to come on the floor, but we didn't want to disrespect the show, so we didn't do that. We're all sad that it's all over.

TVGuide.com: We have to talk about the overly dramatic rehearsal package they pieced together for your freestyle. What happened there?
Basically we had a five-minute dramatic moment. The whole season, they wanted more emotion from us since we were pretty much drama-free because we didn't have time for it and we got along really well. The whole week [had] been so emotional but in the most positive way. We were so excited about our dances coming together [but] they decided to cut in the five negative minutes, which is their choice. That's fine. That's not indicative of our relationship. I think it caught people off-guard and it caught us off-guard. But hey, there's a producer out there who's probably getting praised for coming up with that dramatic situation. At least someone got something out of it!

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TVGuide.com: Anna ended up crying in it. Do you think she felt pressured to deliver on the freestyle, since it's considered the "make or break" dance?
We didn't really feel pressure. We felt it would be a little bit more even because there were four dances. We wanted to do a good job in the freestyle because it was really our chance to show the judges that I could let go because that's what they wanted me to do all season. It was important that we found a way to be true to what we both liked and our tastes, but still be able to kind of enjoy the whole thing.

TVGuide.com: Are you going to keep dancing?
I'll probably keep dancing to some extent. ... It's been a big part of my life for the last several months and it's not just going to go away. I think I learned that dancing is about having fun. At first, everybody worries about what they look like and what the judges are going to think, and are plotting the best way to get to wherever they want to get. Then you slowly realize that it's about having fun and entertaining the crowd that tunes in so loyally every week to the show.

TVGuide.com: Are you going to keep skating competitively?
I haven't decided yet. I want to possibly try some different areas of work. I've gotten offers to do some acting jobs, some broadcasting for sports. Obviously I'm still leaving the option open to compete in four years. I'll have some time to think. I don't know if I'm any good at acting.

TVGuide.com: You can do voiceovers. Do more WALL-E impressions.
[Laughs] Yes, I can be a good animated character, you're right. We'll plot it. Maybe in the future there'll be more WALL-E. Future! Ha-ha-ha.

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TVGuide.com: You said you were dreading the end of the show. How are you coping? Will your birthday next Friday cheer you up?
I'm sad, but I'm still busy. I'm heading back to Stars on Ice. Then I'm going to Korea, doing a bunch of stuff for my sponsors. ... I'm going to be in Korea, skating two shows, on my birthday. Maybe they'll surprise me with something crazy. Koreans are the greatest, greatest fans. I love them. ... I want a new car [for my birthday]. I haven't had time to go car shopping. I want one so bad! I want to go drive a bunch of cars and figure out what I want, but I won't have time until some time in July. Belated birthday present!