Kevin Federline

Will Kevin Federline be among Dancing With the Stars' Season 8 cast?

That's what gossip maven Perez Hilton is reporting, giving credit to Star Magazine — though there's no mention of Federline on their website.

One obvious question that leaps to mind is: Isn't Federline considered a professional dancer? Didn't he meet future bride Britney Spears by dancing backup for her? And is that really fair to the other bold-faced names who have been subject to similar Dancing casting rumors, including Jackass' Steve-O, Cindy McCain (for the record, the would-be first lady and beer baroness said, "Hells no!"), stage mom Dina Lohan, Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui and... Stevie Wonder (no, seriously, he's reportedly in talks)?

It's ABC's policy not to comment on any casting rumors until they unveil the full lineup on Good Morning America about a month before the season starts, which in this case would be some time in early February. In the meantime, who would you cast in the next season of Dancing with the Stars?

[UPDATE: People is reporting that Federline's rep says he will not appear on Dancing with the Stars next season. The question remains: Who should be?]

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