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Final Four Power Rankings: Kristi's Worst Finish!

Dancing with the Stars by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Has the clock at last run out for a longtime underdog? Is Jason poised to tackle second place? Can Cristian take advantage of Kristi's weakest numbers and gain some serious ground? Those questions and more are raised by's latest Dancing with the Stars Power Rankings:The Top 4• 57.8% Kristi and Mark, with their lowest tally in four weeks!• 21.7% Cristian and Cheryl, who have been steadily gaining over the past six weeks, net their largest percentage to date• 17.0% Jason and Edyta are also enjoying their best numbers ever• 3.5% Marissa and Tony have to wonder: Now it's time to say goodbye...?Related photo galleries:• Dancing's Top 4: Your Take!• Inside TV Guide's cover shoot read more

Are Shannon and Derek Dancing into a Reality Show?

Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Could Dancing duo Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth be quietly choreographing plans for a new reality show of their own?Sources tell Extra that the two are in talks with the production company that Mel B runs with her husband, Stephen Belafonte. The purported reality series will explore the recently ousted pair's career moves, including Elizabeth's acting efforts and Derek's passion for music. It would also highlight, of course, their new-found "showmance" — of which some of us cannot get enough.Would this show be a go? Or would a Shannon-Derek reality series be a quickstep to regret? — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to hit the dance floor with Shannon and Derek read more

Dancing Backstage: Was Maks Glad to Be Back?

Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

It's a wonder they ever got the 100th episode of Dancing with the Stars off the ground: Imagine trying to wrangle more than two dozen kissing and hugging celebrities into their seats. Even the judges got into the act. Carrie Ann Inaba left the judges' table to wrap her arms around Drew Lacey. After the show, there would be a massive cake, a group picture and a celebration at a Hollywood hot spot. But the real party started on the dance floor, as six seasons' worth of stars and pros staged their own joyous reunion. "Can everyone take a seat, please," pleaded warm-out comedian Bill Sindelar for the umpteenth time. (They ignored him, of course.) Sabrina Bryan needed to hug Wayne Newton. Joey Fatone grabbed pro Kym Johnson. Mark Cuban shook hands with Jerry Springer. "All my boys are here!" cried Johnson, who partnered Springer, Fatone and Cuban. "Except for Penn [Jillette], who had to do his show in Vegas." For the studio audience — seeded with 100 fans from all 50 states who won... read more

Top 4: Who's Your Favorite Dancing Duo Now?

The following contains spoiler information relating to Dancing with the Stars' Tuesday results show.The news came quick and (perhaps) unexpectedly for Marissa and Tony: You're safe! They are, indeed, the Syesha of this show. (Minus the waterworks, that is.) One commercial break later, it was revealed that in addition to (duh) Kristi and Mark and Cristian and Cheryl, that Jason and Edyta were also sticking around. Ergo henceforth therewith, Mario and Karina were sent home, falling shy of the final four. Has anything changed in your thinking? Who is your current pick to win this season of DWTS? Vote, now!Related:• Backstage at Dancing's Star-studded 100th Show read more

Backstage Buzz: How Cheryl Gave Cristian a Needed Lift

Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

It's one thing to sustain a serious injury while you're performing and then let the adrenaline pumping through your body allow you to carry on. It's quite another to be alone and in pain, away from the spotlights, and scared that the decision you made to keep going was the wrong decision.That's what happened over the past few days to Cristian de la Fuente, who ruptured a tendon in his left arm doing the samba on April 28th edition of Dancing with the Stars, then announced the next day that he had the approval of his doctor to delay the surgery needed to repair it and stay on the show. That decision felt good on Tuesday. But by Wednesday? "My arm started hurting and I was like, 'Oh my god. I can't drop out,'" says de la Fuente. "I told the producers that I wanted to stay. They changed the show for us to stay so we can't quit. What have I done?" Part of the problem is that de la Fuente can't take powerful painkillers because he doesn't know if they'll make him feel disoriented and d... read more

WATCH VIDEO: Kristi and Mark at Sexiest Stars Party

Last week, TV Guide threw the mother of all parties in Tinseltown in honor of all the pretty people who grace our television screens night after night. Even your favorite Dancing duo, Kristi and Mark, stopped by on by the red carpet to chat about what to expect on tonight's episode. And, we might add, Kristi is sporting quite the sexy low-cut dress to keep in theme with the evening. read more

Top 5 Rankings: Mario Looking Not So Super's latest Dancing with the Stars Power Rankings, determined by the vote of readers, finds Kristi and Mark of course playing queen and king of the hill, with virtually no one in a position to knock them off. With Shannon and Derek gone, Cristian and Cheryl have claimed the No. 2 spot with 14.5 percent of the vote — but can Cristian's compromised arm weather this week's tango?Further down the rankings, Marissa and Tony again dodged cellar-dweller status, with Mario and Karina bottoming the list. Can Mario, an early fave of the judges, reverse his momentum?The Top 5 Power Rankings65.4% Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas14.5% Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke 12.7% Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska 4.4% Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani 3.0% Mario and Karina SmirnoffWho do you think might get sent home next? Related:• Photo gallery: readers rate Dancing starsDancing videos from TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party:• Kristi and Mark• Karina Sm... read more

Kelly Monaco "Nervous" About Kristi's Bid to Be Next Female Champ

Kelly Monaco Jean-Paul Aussenard/

As Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars quick-steps closer to its finale, let's not forget that once and only once has a female celeb walked away with that ghastly trophy. And while Kelly Monaco believes current front runner Kristi Yamaguchi and pro partner Mark Ballas have the tools to close this deal, she does have some concerns."I hope and pray that Kristi is going to be our girl to carry it through and take it home," the General Hospital beauty shared Thursday night at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party in Hollywood. "But I get nervous about her coming out of the gate too strong. In the history of the show, those who have been on top in popularity and come out strong tend to fall back toward the end."Monaco scoffs when reminded that before the season started, Yamaguchi claimed to possess no rhythm. "Oh, I beg to differ," she smiles. "She's got nothing but rhythm." That said, the show's premiere champ stresses that now is not the time for Kristi to rest on any laurels. "Even though she... read more

Backstage at DWTS' "Most Unpredictable" Night Ever

Dancing with the Stars by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

It was enough to make the producers want to tear their hair out. Would Latin soap star Cristian de la Fuente — who suffered what everyone thought was a severely pulled muscle in his left arm Monday night doing the samba — be able to stay on Dancing with the Stars? Or would he be forced to withdraw? And if he did, would Tuesday night's elimination of Shannon Elizabeth be nixed? "In six seasons of the show, this has been the most unpredictable night for production," says cohost Samantha Harris. "In our early [Tuesday] morning meeting, we thought Cristian could continue. Then after rehearsal, we were told he would not be able to continue. And literally moments before we went on the air, it changed again." That's because just 10 minutes before going live, executive producer Conrad Green was on the phone with Cristian de la Fuente's doctor. Everyone knew the actor was hurt. What they didn't know until after the Tuesday afternoon MRI is that De la Fuente had actually ruptured... read more

Cristian Makes His Decision! Who's Your Favorite Dancing Duo Now?

The following contains spoiler information from Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show.This week's results show offered two sorts of outcomes: Another couple was sent home, but not until Cristian de la Fuente revealed the prognosis for the injury he suffered during Monday night's samba. Toward the show's very end, Cristian revealed that he had in fact ruptured a bicep tendon and that it would require surgery to repair it. The doc and knife will have to wait, though, as De la Fuente aspires to stay in the competition as long as viewers want him and Cheryl around. "If people voted for us and they want us to be on the show, I would like to be there and not give up," he told Tom Bergeron. As it would be divulged moments later, people do want Cristian and Cheryl around. After that couple was declared safe, Shannon and Derek — rumored to be off-stage lovebirds — were instead sent home.All of which brings us to a new week of reader polling. Who's your cur... read more

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