Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection

Tom and Jerry - The Chuck Jones Collection from Warner Bros Home Entertainment collects all 34 of the Chuck Jones cartoons in a 2-disc set. Known for his work on Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, Jones was hired by MGM to produce new Tom and Jerry cartoons in 1962, where he produced the 34 cartoons contained in this set. Presented in their original theatrical aspect ratios, these cartoons have been re-mastered from the original source material. Also included are two documentaries, "Tom and Jerry... and Chuck" (20:23) and "Chuck Jones: Memories of a Childhood" (26:11). This is the perfect set for fans of Chuck Jones, or Tom and Jerry.

The set includes the following cartoons: Penthouse Mouse (1963) Jerry-Go-Round (1966) The Cat Above and The Mouse Below (1964) Love Me, Love My Mouse (1966) Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? (1964) Puss 'n' Boats (1966) Much Ado About Mousing (1964) Filet Meow (1966) Snowbody Loves Me (1964) Matinee Mouse (1966) The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse (1964) The A-Tom-inable Snowman (1966) Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life (1965) Catty Cornered (1966) Tom-ic Energy (1965) Cat and Dupli-Cat (1966) Bad Day at Cat Rock (1965) O-Solar Meow (1967) The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off (1965) Guided Mouse-ille (1967) Haunted Mouse (1965) Rock 'n' Rodent (1967) I'm Just Wild About Jerry (1965) Cannery Rodent (1967) Of Feline Bondage (1965) The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R. (1967) The Year of the Mouse (1965) Surf-Bored Cat (1967) The Cat's Me-ouch (1965) Shutter Bugged Cat (1967) Duel Personality (1966) Advance and Be Mechanized (1967) Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary (1966) Purr-Chance to Dream (1967)

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