The Naked Brothers Band features real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff, along with their bandmates Rosalina, David, Thomas, Qaasim and manager Cooper, make up one of the hottest bands around, at least that's what this somewhat-real, somewhat-fake "documentary" would have you believe. If you have a 'tween in the house you've probably already heard some of their hit songs like "Crazy Car," or "Motormouth" - catchy songs that'll be stuck in your head for days. This 2-disc set includes all 10 episodes from the second season, with a couple of them being two or three times the length of a normal episode. You'll also find six music videos and a few behind-the-scenes videos on the set. Parents of 'tweens should keep their eyes open for this fun show (I'll admit to enjoying the show as well). — Gord Lacey

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