The Munsters: The Complete Series

I loooooove Halloween. Best holiday around, really. Christmas is nice, but come on. Chills. Thrills. M&Ms. It's all so good! And so are some of the creepy-cool, kickbutt DVDs that have been keeping Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua and I up late at night these days…

The Munsters: The Complete Series
How great is this? They finally dropped the whole show into one package, so ya can zoom through the discs and find those episodes you hold most dearly. For me, it's "Eddie's Nickname," where the unibrowed one wants to drop out of high school 'cause the kids are calling him "Shorty." Not so much for the teasing angle (hello, the Catholic-school scars still sting), but for the fact that Paul Lynde is the guest star. And that girl was a hoot!
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The Fat Albert Halloween Special
OK, I didn't remember this from my kidhood, but totally wish I had seen it back then. The metabolism-challenged do-gooder and his buddies embark on a night of tricks instead of treats, with the piece de resistance being an assault on the home of the old lady who lives by the graveyard. It has a message, it has attitude and it has, best of all, it has Bill Cosby being all groovy instead of hating on people who basically act exactly like his cartoon gang.
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If you think Milo Ventimiglia has been getting into crazy shizz on Heroes, check him out in this sick little thriller about a team of med students who get off on staging unsolvable murders. It's like the anti-Flatliners and it has one of the grisliest twists I've been thrown by in years. And no, it has nothing to do with Sylar's mother.
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The Outer Limits: The Complete Original Series
Now that the beauty of digital makes it completely unnecessary to adjust your TV, this throwback is even more of a good time. As someone who grew up in a Twilight Zone home, I was sort of in the dark about the whole Limits gig here, but it seems that the two shows are kinda similar in their sci-fi freakiness. And like most older anthologies, the hidden joy here is finding episodes featuring famous folk before they became big stars. So far, I've spotted Martin Landau, Martin Sheen and a pre-Kirk William Shatner. Pepito is sure he saw Archie Bunker, but I think he's just been watching too much TV Land while I'm at work.
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Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead

I usually steer clear of direct-to-DVD sequels, especially when they lack a single cast member from the original flick. This one, however, totally works as a worthy follow-up to John Dahl's classic road rage tale. Twisted trucker Rusty Nail (not voiced by Ted Levine this time) rides high again, out to teach What I Like About You's Nick Zano and his friends a lesson for swiping his cherry Cutlass. There's a bit of Saw going on and the gore borders on "WTF?!" (especially one scene that is literally jaw-dropping), but the cat-and-mouse is what really drives this shocker once Rusty starts to play with his prey.
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OK, so what are your latest creepy screen treats? Leave a comment and I'll check back after I finish scaring myself silly with John Carpenter's Halloween.