Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series Collection

It's been 25 years since Jim Henson introduced us to the Fraggles, some of his most psychedelic Muppet creations. And for anyone with fond memories of Red, Mokey, Wembley, Gobo and Boober(!) and all their subterranean friends, this set is sure to put a smile on your face. The 20-disc collection features more than 47 hours of Fraggle fun, including all four seasons of the show. However, the only way to own the fourth and final season is to buy this collection, something that will no doubt upset fans who have bought the first three seasons separately.

In addition to the series, the set features several interviews with the crew behind the series, including the puppet makers and directors, but our personal favorite featurette was "The Inner Gorg," which explores the performers inside the costumes — a two-man operation of one in the suit, another controlling the face. There is also bonus footage from the last day of shooting and the wrap party, as well as explorations of the show's music and memorable theme song. And for all of you true obsessives, there is a poster-sized painted map of Fraggle Rock.

The packaging makes sense, but doesn't exactly protect the discs as one would like. (Several of ours were dislodged from their sleeves and scratched.) And the aforementioned fourth-season scandal is another strike against the set. However, the show is, as it always was, an entertaining ball of fun, and with this set, Jim Henson's magic can reach a whole new generation of youngsters, teaching them friendship and understanding as they sing and dance. In fact, the thing that might put the biggest smile on your face (or tear in your eye) is hearing some of Henson's colleagues reflect on working with the master of imagination.

The set's not perfect, but if you were a fan or want to share this crazy world with others, the collection is worth a look. It will make a perfect holiday gift for a youngster on your list or anyone with a love for nostalgia. So save your worries for another day and check this one out.

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