Christian Siriano

Forget the snooze-worthy whatshername who just won the last season of Project Runway. The real livewire is last year's champ, Christian Siriano, the dazzlingly talented and delightful designer whose Emmy-nominated season hits shelves next week. The wunderkind with the crazy hair and hot Spring collection took time out of his crazy schedule to talk fashion, finale freakouts and that dreaded "F" word. You're the only Runway winner to hit the ground and get right to it.
Siriano: I kind of just took a chance and went with it. I didn't want to waste any time, and it's been good so far. [Laughs] And this on top of your guest spots on Ugly Betty and this season's Runway. Hell, you even got an SNL skit!
Siriano: Yes! It's been pretty crazy. [I'm doing] tons of little projects and events, keeping my name out there. It's been a lot of work but it's been really great. I'm doing as much as I can. Aside from Posh, what other celebs have been sniffing around the Siriano workroom?
Siriano: [Laughs] It's not too crazy. Whoopi Goldberg was so fun to dress [for the Tony Awards]. And Heidi Klum took one of my dresses to the Emmys. I've done some pieces for Anne Hathaway. She's totally fun and totally sweet. I might have something in the works for Miss Debra Messing, who is so fabulous. Sounds like you've fallen in with the Rachel Zoe camp.
Siriano: I know, isn't that weird? She loves Debra. But I'm not all celebrity-driven. I like to dress real people, too. What do you think of all these reality stars launching clothing lines simply because they have nothing else to do? You had to sleep on a floor...
Siriano: Totally. It's so tough. It's really hard, especially for people on Runway, because they're real designers and are really striving. We're all there because we're talented, not because we're pretty and interesting. There are so many aspiring designers, and all those designers have no chance compared to people like Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. Even Victoria Beckham has her own line, which is fabulous, but people want to dress her and now she wears her own clothes. You can't win. Did you watch the last season?
Siriano: I caught as many episodes as I could, and I have done a few things with Bravo. Andy Cohen has this after-show on the Internet, which is really fun. So, I tried to keep up. But it's so hard to watch TV. What else do you watch?
Siriano: I'll be the first to admit that I watch The Hills because I think it's fabulous and hilarious.  I've watched a few episodes of Desperate Housewives and 30 Rock. Ya gotta give me some dirt on your season. Who hooked up?
Siriano: Ewww, no! Nobody was cute and nobody wanted to touch anybody. Rami was cute.
Siriano: Yeah, but Rami was annoying. Talk to him for 10 minutes and you'd want to die. [Laughs].He's really sweet, but he's so serious, you're like "Lord lady, calm down!" I will say, behind the scenes, Elisa was so crazy and hilarious. She just entertained us, she'd just chitty-chitty chat about the world and peace and the body. It was amazing.  But I think our season didn't have any real downtime to [mess around]. At the end, me and [fellow finalist] Jillian cracked. We went crazy, and I screamed at one of the producers. We were stuck in this room waiting while the judges debated over Chris and Rami. I was so over it and Jillian was freaking out. We were like, having a breakdown. It was so bad. At that point, you knew you were going to Fashion Week.
Siriano: Yeah, we already knew, so we just wanted to go! The wait was crazy. Jillian called the Animal Control hotline because of Chris March's [use of] real hair and stuff. It was so out of control. Who would you love to dress?
Siriano: There are so many amazing actresses, it's so hard. My thing right now is, I don't want to say no. If anybody asked if I had time to make something for them, I wouldn't be saying "Oh no, you're not fabulous enough. I can't do it." I may do something with the Pussycat Dolls, which is fun. That's just more exciting... it's totally different. I like mixes. You are like the anti-elitist!
Siriano: I think there are a lot of designers who pick and choose who they'll dress and make things for, which is wonderful. And the celebrities are the same way with who they'll wear. Since I'm a new designer, I shouldn't be so biased. I should be open to everyone. Do you realize that you have gone this entire interview without using the "F" word?
Siriano: Fierce? I know, I'm really good. I still say it, but not as much because I feel like every time I see somebody, that's all they want me to say. So, now it's not as interesting It's not fierce. [Laughs