Band of Brothers Blu-ray

Simply put, one of the finest television events ever to be broadcast is now even finer in this stunning Blu-ray version of HBO's gripping Emmy- and Golden Globe- winning World War II miniseries. And while HBO touts the original DVD release as the best-selling TV-on-DVD title of all time, every one of those original buyers should consider the upgrade. Never before has the Tom Hanks- and Steven Spielberg-produced tale of the men of Easy Company looked or sounded so amazing (and that's a feat, considering the audio on the standard DVD was heads and shoulders above its competitors.) Seriously, if you want to experience this masterpiece in its finest form, look no further.

Packaged in an "ammo box" metal tin like the original release, the six-disc set features all 10 parts of the miniseries and also includes many of the bonus features from the DVD version. But in addition to the 80-minute "We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company" documentary, "The Making of Band of Brothers" featurette and "Ron Livingston's Video Diaries," this release also includes dynamic picture-in-picture commentary by Easy Company veterans on all ten episodes and an interactive field guide that charts the path from Normandy to Hitler's Eagles Nest with timelines, maps and soldier profiles. And again, the picture and audio (1080P HD video, DTS Surround Sound) sparkle, adding new detail on screen and giving an even more immersing viewing experience.

True, the original release was outstanding, and if you or your loved one hasn't upgraded their home theater to Blu-ray, the old release is fine for now. Buy anyone who has the opportunity to see this miniseries in this format should do so without thinking twice. Newcomers to the miniseries will recognize Life's Damian Lewis in a knockout role, as well as other familiar faces like Desperate Housewives' Neal McDonough, Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber, Life on Mars' Jason O'Mara, ER's Scott Grimes and an against-type role from Friends' David Schwimmer. It truly is a classic, moving piece of television that now can (and should) be enjoyed in even greater quality.

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