Curb Your Enthusiasm

Premiere Dates:
August 24, 2010 on TV Guide Network
October 20, 2002 on HBO

Larry's mother dies while he's shooting a Scorsese film in New York, and he doesn't find out about it until two days after the funeral.  After the initial shock, he uses the loss of his mother as an excuse to get out of a variety of social events.  Meanwhile, Larry learns that his mother's remains have been moved into the "special section" of the cemetery.  After paying off the grave digger, Larry convinces his father, cousin, and Jeff to help dig her up and move her to the original area he paid for.  That's the main "plot" of this episode.

Top 5 Quotes:

5.  "On Seinfeld, we did two takes and we were done." ~Larry David.
Larry is bothered, yet again.  This time his frustration is with legendary film director Martin Scorsese.  Larry thinks Scorsese does too many takes.  Scorsese assures Larry that scenes get better and better with each take.  I could keep explaining this, but Larry David thinks I've already explained it too much.

4.  "You were in New York, you were having a good time, so we didn't call you."  ~Larry's father.
"When did she die?"  Larry David.  "Let's see, the funeral was on Monday..."  Larry's father.  "The what?"  Larry David.
Thought I'd be generous and give you a four-for-one here.  When Larry returns to LA, he stops at his parent's house to check on his father and his ailing mother.  After several awkward moments, Larry learns that his mother had died while he was filming in New York.  Evidently, Larry's dad didn't want to spoil his son's fun.  But wait, you can't spell "funeral" without "fun."  (awkward silence)  Nevermind.

3.  "My Mother had a tattoo?"  ~ Larry David
Yes, indeed!  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Actually, one butt.  Tattoo location:  on her right cheek.  The funeral director at this Jewish cemetery informs Larry that his mother's remains have been moved into the "special section" because by Jewish Law, the deceased can't have any tattoos.   Larry is clearly upset since they paid for a particular plot.  But the director claims there's nothing he can do, "the law is the law."  Later, Larry comes up with Plan B which includes his father, his cousin, Jeff, and four shovels.

2.  "You can't be an East Indian Giver!"  ~Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis decides meditation is the answer to all of life's little stressors.  Larry voluntarily gives Richard his mantra, Jai-Ya, and says it works wonders.  Soon after, LD changes his mind (are we surprised?) and wants his mantra back.  Richard is furious and refuses until Larry uses the "my mother just died" excuse, which prompts Richard to quickly compromise so that they both can use the mantra.  Later, Richard finds out what the mantra really means and throws it back (in true mantra form) over and over in LD's face. 

1.  "No, no, please...honey, I just showered." ~ Cheryl David
Hey, it's better than "Honey, I have a headache."  Right?  Cheryl turns down Larry's sexual advances until of course, he uses the no-fail excuse, "I've been through a rough time, with my mother and all."  Larry gets what he wants and Cheryl sacrifices that "just showered smell."  Now I feel dirty.