Curb Your Enthusiasm

Premiere Dates:
August 23, 2010 on TV Guide Network
October 13, 2002 on HBO

Recurring themes in this episode:
Larry over-shares, Larry violates social etiquette and it's a Robert Weide -directed episode so you are in for a treat.

Top 5 Quotes:

5. "You can't leave your house..."
Larry neatly summarizes his philosophy on life.

4. "We should ask the terrorists if they can pick another weekend better suited to you."
Wanda solemnly shares the news with the Davids that the government has good information that a terrorist attack is planned for the upcoming weekend in Los Angeles.  Wanda swears the Davids to secrecy to avoid inciting a panic. Cheryl won't go because it's the same weekend as the planned NRDC fundraiser with special guest star Alanis Morisette. Larry suggests that perhaps he should be able to spend the weekend in Pebble Beach. He also suggests that Cheryl is being a bit "selfish" by asking him to stay and possibly fall victim to terrorist attack. Cheryl is unmoved. Larry isn't going anywhere. If Cheryl David is forced to reconsider her plans, the terrorists win. She's a patriot. Someone should mint her visage on a collectible coin.

3. "Mindy, do you have a few minutes...there's going to be a terrorist attack on Los Angeles this weekend..."
Larry attempts to make up for ignoring Paul Reiser's wife, Mindy, when he ran in to them at dinner previously in the episode. He does so by confiding in her that if she does not flee her home and her business, she may face a fiery doom. Larry is truly overflowing with the milk of human kindness.

2. "I feel like I apologize more than anybody in the world. Who says, 'I'm sorry' more than me?"
I think the issue is more about who says "I'm sorry" and actually means it. That would be an interesting graph. Technology and our brains interact almost instantly. I text message so frequently that they read like an oral history of my day. I'm sure Apple will soon have an iPhone app to tell who really is leading the world in "I'm sorry."

1a. "You think I don't know about that bathroom trick? I invented that bathroom trick!"
Larry is on to Stew Brown's means of skirting a check. I find that the richest people in the world are often the chintziest. Stew Brown seems to be no exception. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine and I went to watch the World Cup. His buddy came along who works at Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs guy skipped out on every check. Seriously, he skipped each of three checks pulling Larry's move so beautifully adapted by Stew Brown.

Goldman Sachs guy makes obscene amounts of money. I work comedy clubs for disinterested hipsters or more disinterested tourists every night. These clubs pay me in sandwiches and alcohol and this guy was still stiffing me with the checks. There's a reason he's a millionaire and I drive an F150 with 200K miles on it.

1b. Alanis Morissette whispers in the ear the real person who inspired her song "You Oughta Know"
It's Dave Coulier. Dave F**king Coulier! Uncle Joey Gladstone from Full House inspired one of the defining rock anthems of the '90s. A guy who does a solid Bullwinkle impression had Alanis Morissette go down on him in a the-a-tahhhhhh!

Joey Gladstone!

Mindy Reiser's reaction was appropriately non-plussed.