Larry David

Premiere Dates:

August 17, 2010 on TV Guide Network
October 6, 2002 on HBO


Imagine this...Larry puts his foot in his mouth.  I know, I know, hard to believe but it's true.  After a pool party, LD insults Hugh, one of the restaurant's investors.  Then, during a screening of Richard Lewis's HBO Special, Larry acts his shoe size, not his age, when arguing with Hugh's young son.  Meanwhile, Richard Lewis tries to get into Bartlett's Book of Quotations for claiming to have invented the phrase "the (blank) from hell".  Later, Larry convinces Jeff and Susie to interview the "nanny from hell," after he got her fired from her job at Hugh's house.  The nanny, played by Cheri Oteri, admits that she likes to pet horses, enjoys a good corndog, and takes baths with her socks on.  Quirky quickly turns into crazy when the theme music from a Looney Tunes cartoon sends the nanny into a rage.

Top 5 Quotes:

5.  "This thing is so moist it's like eating a sponge." ~Larry David.

Larry and Cheryl visit their favorite bakery shop to pick up something for an upcoming pool party.  Out of all the decorated cakes and goodies, Larry convinces Cheryl to get the plain ol' sponge cake.  I suppose Larry considers himself 'the frosting on the cake.'

4.  "The kid's got some penis on him."  ~Larry David

One of the restaurant's investors, Hugh, throws a pool party at his house.  At the backyard bash, Larry gets a glimpse of Hugh's young son's penis while he's drying off.  Later at the restaurant, Larry speaks to Hugh and compliments him on the size of his son's unit. Hugh gets quite upset and storms off.  Moral of the story:  Talking about size does matter.

3.  "So, I am homeless...except I don't stink!"  ~ Martine, played by Cheri Oteri

After being fired for letting Larry use the house bathroom during Hugh's pool party, Cheri Oteri, AKA "the nanny from hell," shows up at Larry and Cheryl's house with her luggage. Since Larry had assured her that she wouldn't get in trouble by letting him inside and said "he'd take care of it" if she did, Martine (Cheri Oteri) naturally assumed that she could stay with the Davids.  They quickly find out that she is not just crazy, but truly Looney Tunes.  So Larry does what any good friend would do and brings her to the home of his manager/bff, Jeff Greene.  Of course, a quick stop at the bakery is imperative because nothing says, "HELP!" quite like a dozen sponge cakes!

2.  "I do not want the nanny from hell in my house."  ~Cheryl David

Cheryl's reaction to Hugh's nanny showing up with her bags.  Larry immediately questions where she heard that saying..."The (blank) from hell."  Cheryl claims that her dad used to say it all the time when she was growing up.  Larry tells her that Richard Lewis made up that saying.  And that's when Cheryl gave him "the look from hell."

1.  "My fall was broken by 12 sponge cakes." ~ Susie Greene

Larry delivers twelve saran-wrapped sponge cakes to his friend Jeff along with a side of crazy.  Susie throws the cakes outside next to the trash, claiming Jeff is fat enough...but after a little nudging, welcomes the nanny into her home.  Things are good until Susie's daughter starts watching a Looney Tunes cartoon which spark terrible memories for Martine who starts screaming.  A fight soon breaks out between the wife from hell and the nanny from hell, in which the nanny throws Susie off the balcony.  Fortunately, Susie landed on the 12 sponge other words, she got her just desserts.