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Top 5 Curb Quotes from "The Special Section"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Premiere Dates:
August 24, 2010 on TV Guide Network
October 20, 2002 on HBO

Larry's mother dies while he's shooting a Scorsese film in New York, and he doesn't find out about it until two days after the funeral.  After the initial shock, he uses the loss of his mother as an excuse to get out of a variety of social events.  Meanwhile, Larry learns that his mother's remains have been moved into the "special section" of the cemetery.  After paying off the grave digger, Larry convinces his father, cousin, and Jeff to help dig her up and move her to the original area he paid for.  That's the main "plot" of this episode.

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Top 5 Curb Quotes from "The Terrorist Attack"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Premiere Dates:
August 23, 2010 on TV Guide Network
October 13, 2002 on HBO

Recurring themes in this episode:
Larry over-shares, Larry violates social etiquette and it's a Robert Weide -directed episode so you are in for a treat.

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Top 5 Curb Quotes from "The Nanny From Hell"

Larry David

Premiere Dates:

August 17, 2010 on TV Guide Network
October 6, 2002 on HBO


Imagine this...Larry puts his foot in his mouth.  I know, I know, hard to believe but it's true.  After a pool party, LD insults Hugh, one of the restaurant's investors.  Then, during a screening of Richard Lewis's HBO Special, Larry acts his shoe size, not his age, when arguing with Hugh's young son.  Meanwhile, Richard Lewis tries to ... read more

Top 5 Curb Quotes from "Club Soda and Salt"

Cheryl Hines and Larry David

Premiere Dates:

August 16, 2010 on TV Guide Network
September 29, 2002 on HBO

Recurring themes in this episode?

Larry hates rules of social etiquette, Cheryl flirts with ... read more

Episode Recap: "The Benadryl Brownie"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

This episode touches on a few different everyman topics. Things like cell phone etiquette, the proliferation of remote controls, drugging friends for their own good and busting the stereotype that all women can bake. It's all wrapped up in an episode of Curb called "The Benadryl Brownie." 

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Episode Recap: "Chet's Shirt"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb's Season 3 has Larry learning lessons on investing in a restaurant; how "Pitch In" can be a dangerous garbage slogan; why you shouldn't decline your dentist's invite to dinner; and it's all tied in to "Chet's Shirt." Who's Chet? Chet's dead, baby. Chet's dead.

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Take the Curb: The Discussion Poll: Should Your Date to an Award Show Look Their Best?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Merrill Markoe, Jonathan Alter, Walter Kirn, Paul Provenza

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Take the Curb: The Discussion Poll: Are Pinatas Bad for Children?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Cat Cora, CCH Pounder, Patton Oswalt

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Episode Recap: "The Massage"

Jeff Garlin and Larry David

Curb's last episode of the second season, "The Massage" tests the strengths of Larry's relationships with his wife (Cheryl), his manager (Jeff), his co-worker (Julia) and his employers (network executives). Will Larry pick and choose what's important and save something? Or blow the whole thing in a series of bad choices? I think you already know the answers, as it IS Curb Your Enthusiasm we're talking about here...

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Episode Recap: "The Baptism"

Larry David and Cheryl Hines

At face value, Curb's "The Baptism" is about getting to a Baptism. Dig a little deeper and you'll see it's an episode paying homage to film genres from the Road Trip movie to the Buddy Cop film and peppered with devices that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud. But it's really about a Baptism as that IS the ultimate destination of our favorite dysfunctional couple. Like any good journey though, the real adventure is in getting there...

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